Personal View: I am grateful for my grandma

Dakota Acuna, student reporter

I am grateful for my great grandma because she is so generous and funny. When she lived in Arizona she lived in a gated community and my grandpa would take us to her pool then on our way back we would stop at her house and she would always have Chex Mix and dominos ready to go so we would sit and play dominos with her for hours.

Last year for Christmas she gave me the prettiest diamond earrings ever. They were the diamond earrings my great grandpa gave her on their wedding day. She said she didn’t wear them anymore any more and they were very precious to her and she loved them.

She always makes me laugh. Sometimes when my brother isn’t around she will tell me i’m her favorite great grandchild. We had a family reunion three years ago and she was so funny she was always making jokes and making all of us laugh.

She and I have some of the best memories together. Two years ago she came over for Christmas and my mom made brisket and she had over cooked it. My great grandma said, “Oh my gosh this brisket is like shoe leather!”. Of course it was not funny then, but looking back at that we all laugh.

I am grateful for her because she is so generous and nice.