Personal Column: I am Grateful for my Grandma Maureen

Hailey Gorzell, Staff Reporter


By: Hailey Gorzell


I am grateful for my grandma because she loves me and cares about me more than anything. She is caring, funny, sensitive and loving. Even when we are apart, I know she thinks of me because she always is getting me little gifts. My grandma will stick up and fight for me no matter what. She cooks the best British food like Bangers and Mash which are sausages with mash potatoes and gravy. She loves to make me laugh with all her crazy stories, too!


My grandma tells me stories of the food business and all the disgusting stuff they used to do. Once she told me an old British saying, “Where every you be let your wind flow free, church or chapel let it rattle.” It made me laugh so hard, I was almost crying!


Another time we went to this restaurant, and the lady asked how the food was and my grandma said, “Yucky!” I laughed so hard, as the waitress stood their in shock. My grandma will tell you how she feels, no matter what it is. She is real and raw which makes her more trustworthy than anyone I know.


When we are together, it’s like the world is a joke. Whenever she comes over she cleans and cooks, and helps us take care of our dog and our house. We love to go shopping together, and we only buy stuff if it’s on sale. When we go shopping, I’m always laughing because she is always telling me jokes. I love my grandma and we are super close. Nothing can come between my grandma and I. 


It always fascinates me how people used to live in the old days. I think it is so cool how my grandma tells me so many stories and gives me things that are so meaningful to her and our family. My grandma listens to me and understands me more than anyone else in the world.


My grandma is such a strong woman and leader, she raised six kids all on her own. She had to work multiple jobs and strongly encouraged her kids to be hard workers and dedicate themselves to their job. She worked everyday, including holidays at Luby’s to make sure her kids were fed, had school supplies and clothes. Grandma inspired me to work hard and treat others with respect because you don’t know what they are going through.


My grandma is a wonderful person and I am so grateful for her, and I love her dearly. I trust my grandma, and I know she loves me more than anything. I am so glad, I have such a great grandma that loves me, cares about me, and respects me. She makes me feel so grateful that I have a wonderful grandma like her.