Personal view: I am grateful for my mom because she’s my best friend

Sarah Bonney, Staff Reporter

By: Sarah Bonney


My mom is my absolute best friend. She knows literally every single detail that I don’t even know. She is caring, funny, and can always read my mind. The list goes on and on. Even when I’m sad and literally the worst person to be around, she always knows how to cheer me up.


She is the most caring person I’ve ever met. She always puts others first instead of herself. I may be talking about the stupidest stuff and she always listens to what I have to say. When I’m feeling down (which is a lot of the time) she knows the perfect thing to say. I trust her with all my secrets and deep thoughts. I literally tell her everything. 


Also, she’s so unfunny that it’s hilarious. She always tries to be like a teen and make fun of our generation. One time I taught her a TikTok dance and she completely messed up. It was so funny. She acts like some of my friends sometimes.


Lastly, she can always know exactly what I’m thinking, sometimes it scares me. Everytime we go out to eat, she knows exactly where and what I want to eat. She can always tell when I’m lying, like when I didn’t do my homework, I love that she knows more about me than I know about me. I love you mom.