Personal view: I am grateful for my grandmother, because of how much she has influenced me

Myra Torres, Staff reporter

I am grateful for my whole family. They’ve all influenced me a lot. Some were good, some were bad, but who did the most was my grandmother. She influenced me by having responsibility, being reliable and being hardworking. My grandmother grew up with eight other siblings in Mexico. She taught me lessons and gave me memories that I will never forget.

My grandmother had responsibility. She did what she was told and knew what was expected from her. My grandmother taught me time management. She taught me how to how to have fun and still get work done. My grandmother taught me the basics in learning spanish. If it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t be where I am in spanish right now, I’m above my grade level, and she has taught me how to avoid drama. But most importantly she taught me how to not hold grudges.

My grandmother was very reliable. She was always there when my parents needed her. Even when she wasn’t in the best condition. I guess that’s what you learn when you grow up with 8 other siblings. She would always greet us with warm hugs. 

My grandmother was hardworking. From the time I was at school, she would have cleaned the whole house, done crossword puzzles, and have dinner cooked and ready right when I get home.

My grandmother and I connected like no one else in my family. We both liked mainly the same things, photography, music, flowers, candy, and Fanta orange soda. And we’ve both lost things we love. She lost her husband and then I lost her when she died three years ago. But I’m still thankful for what she has done for me in my life and for all of the lessons she’s taught me.