Personal View:” I’m grateful for one of my best friends Disaya” By Katie Mueller


Sarah K Mueller, Staff Reporter

I’m grateful for one of my best friends Disaya because she always lifts me up when I’m down and I’m lacking self confidence. She makes me laugh every day and is always open to talk about anything

It all started in third period where I’m sitting here writing this. My other friend Micaiah and I were both on the volleyball team and Disaya was the only other 7th grade volleyball player so we bonded first over that. For our first article in journalism, Micaiah and I worked together and Disaya edited our final draft with her partner. When we were finished with that article a few days later Disaya’s partner moved away and Disaya came to sit with Micaiah and me. 

It only took a few days sitting together before we were all super close. One time we went to Orange Leaf and after we finished our frozen yogurt, Disaya had the great idea to go to CVS. On the way out Disaya got in the sewer. We walked across the street and just walked around in there looking for dumb products. While Disaya was in the bathroom Micaiah and I hid (well tried to) hide from Disaya to scare her. It didn’t work. We bought some matching elephant bracelets and then left and walked to Goodwill. 

Goodwill was probably one of the more interesting stories. We decided we would pick out each other’s outfits. I picked Disaya’s, Micaiah picked mine, and Disaya picked Micaiah’s. Disaya ended up wearing the tightest shirt ever, pink shorts with holes in them and a Minions hat. I ended up with a pink ruffled dress that was wayyyyy too big on me. And Micaiah had on giant basketball shorts with a puke green shirt that said something like “Dig Me” with a shovel on it. To end the day we went to Walmart and played hide and seek.

Without Disaya and her friendship I don’t know if I’d be able to make it through middle school so shout out to you, Vinthaxay!