Personal View: I’m grateful for my mom

Jaci Anderson, Staff Reporter

My mom is amazing and I’m really grateful for her. She has a disease called Myasthenia Gravis or MG. Which is a weakness and rapid fatigue of muscles under voluntary control.  Basically, she will get really tired when doing everyday things, but she still manages to care for our family. My mom is also fourth grade teacher, so she has to deal with a bunch of kids before she can come home and deal with her own family. I’m thankful to have her for a lot of reasons.

She provides the food and supplies for us. Yes, she may get mad at us if we don’t do something, but it’s only because she does so much, and she needs a break. I have a step sister; we have different moms. My mom is the one besides my father, who takes her to her basketball practices, doctor appointments, driving lessons, etc. Mom, who is a teacher,  will come home so worn out, but still manages to do the little things our family needs, as well as grade her students’ papers.

She is so giving and will spend her money on silly things just to make us happy. We went to a CVS Pharmacy to pick up her prescription for her Myasthenia. I saw a really stupid stuffed animal dog that I didn’t deserve to get at the time. I asked my mom for it and she responded, “No.” I was upset at the moment, but soon got over it because it’s just a silly stuffed animal. The next day, I was in my room napping, when I woke up I saw that same stuffed animal that I saw at CVS on my bed. I grabbed it and walked into the living room. My mom made eye contact with the animal and smiled. She said, “I was going to wait till Christmas to give it to you, but I thought about that after I laid it on your bed.” The little things she does is very generous and most of the time I don’t deserve it.

My mom is also very supportive. When anyone gets hurt, she’s there comforting them, and helping them get better. When I bent my ring finger really bad when I was at Adventure Club (YMCA: the after school programs) playing basketball, she stopped her work to come pick me up and take me to the store to get something that would help it become straight again.She didn’t have to do anything but let it heal, but she cared so much about me that she did that. 

My mother has done so much more for me and my family. She has done so much,to the point where I can’t remember every single thing she has done. She is one of the greatest mothers out there.