Personal view: I am grateful for my grandma

Chloe Mashburn, Staff Reporter

One person who I am thankful for is my grandma. I love her very much and she has been one of my biggest supporters and influences. She’s always been there for me. My grandma is a really nice, caring, loving, confident, and Godly person. My grandma can be kind of crazy sometimes, but it’s just part of what makes her her. She’s a very strong and hard working person but she can be stubborn sometimes, just like me. My grandma has been through a lot but she still manages to be a happy and loving woman. 

I don’t see my grandma as much as I did when I was younger. When I was a baby to when I was around five years old my grandma took care of me while my mom worked and after school when I was in ECC — it’s basically pre-k. Daily, she would push me in my stroller and we’d go for a walk in my old neighborhood. Even though I was little and don’t remember that many things from then, I have a lot of memories with my grandma. I’m still making memories with her. 

Even through crazy things, I’ve learned things because of my grandma. I remember one time when she was taking care of me, she accidentally locked me inside my mom’s car. We were at HEB and my mom went inside the store to get some things. My grandma and I were in the car. My mom had already been in the store for a while so my grandma got out of the car and closed the door. My mom had taken the keys with her and I was little, in my buckled car seat and in the locked car alone. Luckily, I had remembered that I could get myself out of my car seat by unbuckling the buckles that strapped me in. I used all my strength to unbuckle myself and then discovered the lock key thing on the inside of the car door and unlocked my door. I got out of the car and stood by my grandma as my mom walked out of the store.

I don’t think there’s been a time that I have seen my grandma and she hasn’t taught me something. She has taught me things that will relate to everything in life and also things that relate to things here and there. My grandma is very smart and she is always trying to help others. 

I love my grandma a lot and I am so glad that she is in my life. She is an amazing person. Everytime that I see her she always gives me a huge hug and always gets me something. I can’t say “thank you” to her because when she gets me something she does it out of love, not just to be thanked for it. My grandma always makes me laugh and she cheers me up if I’m in a bad mood. She protects and cares a lot for me and the rest of my family. I am very thankful for her. I love you, Nana.