Personal view: I am grateful for Maddy because she is amazing

Kaitlin O, Staff Reporter

The person i’m most grateful for is my sister Maddy. Maddy is the definition of selfless. She is the kind of person you would love to surround yourself with. She loves her friends and family so deeply, it’s a blessing to be related to her. Sure she has her ups and downs but that’s what I love about her.


Maddy is so loving and trusting. When I come home from school, it’s refreshing to see a smile that could light up the world. When I was in elementary school me and Maddy would come home and do homework together. She would smile so much. It always made me happy to her smile. Her smile has the most soothing effect. When I’m mad sometimes she would ask if I wanted to hangout with her and she would smile at me. 


Something I noticed from Maddy is she loves to laugh. To this day when Maddy would laugh, so would I. I remember my family was in the car and I tried singing to a song and she would laugh so hard. I remember laughing so hard I cried. I love that memory. Another time me and Maddy were playing Uno. I won five out of six games and she started joking and asking me my trick. I don’t exactly remember what I said, but we ended up laughing.


Back to Maddy’s selflessness. I don’t know how, but she almost always puts others” needs in front of her own. I wish I could be as selfless as her.  Maddy always plays with our baby sister Lily even when she doesn’t want to. When I was sick one day and tired, Maddy got me some water and played some board games with me. She did that even when she wanted to do other things.


I love my sister and I don’t know what I would do without her. Maddy is a kind, exciting, crazy, and funny person. I would literally die for her. I love my sister. Maddy is truly an amazing person.