How Valentine’s Day affects Dobie.


Valentine’s day is persuaded to be the holiday where couples come together to buy each other chocolate but, for students and school staff it can be chaotic. Many teachers celebrate or incorporate Valentine’s Day into their lesson plan. Students at Dobie bring their friends gifts like chocolates or cards. On the flip side, some students and staff get stressed out during the holidays.

Responsive Classroom interviewed a teacher and this is what they said,  “At my school, we’ve decided not to celebrate Valentine’s Day. If students want to send cards, they send them to each other’s homes. However, I do like to talk with my students about the history of the holiday.”

As students pass the elementary level, schools tend to stop doing cards and Valentine’s boxes.

Megan Rodriguez a 7th-grade language art teacher at Dobie Jr. High, says that she does not have anything planned for her classes on the holiday. “I do not believe in the holiday, it does not represent anything. All the students are hyped up on candy, emotions everywhere, people crying because they didn’t receive a gift. But it is on a Friday!”

Madelyn North 7th grade 

“I don’t know. Valentine’s day is my dad’s birthday so I’ll probably get him a card, and maybe something for my boyfriend and friends.” “It’s a day for love so, maybe a day to show others you care.”

Some students treat Valentine’s Day like any other school day. Like student Micheala Leighton a 7th grader at Dobie Jr. High, says “ I don’t do much on the holiday, my dad mostly always gets me a teddy bear and chocolate and I would get my friends some scrunchies but my day is very bland.”

Valentine’s Day is sometimes fun for staff but also can be stressful or boring to others at Dobie. Teachers may celebrate, students could hand out gifts to their friends but others wait until they get home to celebrate.  Some students don’t celebrate at all.