We asked students: describe your dream school

School — it’s a place that students are required by law to attend. During the months of August through May, students show up to school to get an education. But there’s so much more to it than that. What if we began to think out of the box and came up with new concepts and ideas for how to do school? We asked multiple students their thoughts.

Mekenna Maruquin, 7th grader

“[In my dream school] You don’t have to pay to get your phone back. Have subway, and other popular fast food places. A bigger cafeteria eat in class. Allowed to have fun. Talk in class and be on your phone. Decorate the hallways. Dress up in a costume we want. Change the old walls with newer walls. Better locker space, new equipment for sports. Smaller jersey sizes. Better school bathrooms. And make the school bigger for the teachers in the portables.” Said Mekenna Maruquin a 7th grader had a lot to say about how she would make her dream jr. high school and what she would add and change to Dobie.

Riley Thompson, 8th grader

“[we, students] should be able to be on our phones during lunch or during any free time we have,” he also said “students need a break too, school is hard sometimes and stressful” and that it’s unfair for teachers to be on their phone.

Anthony Morris, 8th grader

“I believe that they should be on their phones during school.” “I also think that Dobie would be better if we could stay on our phones and if we didn’t have to drown in homework like were currently, I think that all of us can agree we want less homework in general” he said.

Chandler Stewart, 8th grader

“At my dream school we would receive less homework and be able to sleep during the school day. We also would actually learn and not have to take as many standardized tests as we do right now, test stress us out. Alot. We should be able to have freedom, isn’t that part of the 10 amendments?”

Myra Torres, 8th grader 

said that she doesn’t really know what my dream school would be like, but she has some ideas about how to improve Dobie. “I would change the school by making it more fun and enjoyable and just a place to look forward to going to instead of dreading going to, I enjoy Dobie overall and there’s nothing major I would change,” she said.

In conclusion most students love the way Dobie is and have many ideas for their dream jr high school.