Netflix vs. Disney+

Shaylin Silva, Elison Young, and Janea Francis, Staff Reporters

Do you prefer Netflix or Disney+? 24 million people are subscribed to Disney+, and Netflix has about 148 million paying users. If you prefer to watch things like Marvel and Star Wars or are nostalgic for old Disney Channel shows and 90’s cartoons, you’re going to want Disney+. However if you’re not a fan of those types of things, stick with Netflix.

Kyryn Maples is an 8th grader at Dobie who prefers Netflix over Disney+. She says it’s because Netflix has better real life things to watch and there’s multiple categories to choose from. On the days Kyryn chooses to watch Netflix she usually spends about 3 hours watching. She says that on Disney+ there’s not as many options as on Netflix . One of the shows she’s watching at the moment is called “A Fall From Grace”.

Netflix and Disney+ are basically the same thing, you can watch your favorite movies and shows to pass time or do something fun with family and friends. Some people prefer to watch Netflix over Disney+ or Disney+ over Netflix. On Disney+ you can watch almost any Disney movie you can think of. It also has a few older movies and shows that you can’t find anywhere else which makes it even better. With Netflix, you can watch many other genres instead of just Disney movies and shows, including horror, comedy, action, romance, documentary, animation and many more.

Aliyah Innocent is an 8th grader at Dobie who also prefers Netflix over Disney+. She says there’s more stuff to watch on Netflix rather than Disney+. Her favorite thing about Netflix is the movies, and some of her favorite shows are Riverdale and Twilight. During the time Aliyah is on Netflix she says she usually spends an hour watching one of the two shows.

People have many different opinions on what they prefer for example in a Disney+ review someone said “Disney Plus has lots of great content, from Star Wars to Marvel to Pixar to classic Disney animated films and much more, including The Simpsons. Content-wise, there’s a lot to love about Disney Plus. There’s a lot to love especially if you have kids. The Mandalorian alone is worth the cost of admission, and I have high hopes for upcoming shows like WandaVision and the unnamed Obi-Wan Kenobi show, among many others.” Disney Plus Review: Great Content, Bad Technology – Forbes stated.

Winter Leslie is an 8th grader at Dobie. She said “ I like Disney+ more because Netflix has a lot of dumb stuff, but Disney+ has more original films. Disney+ has genres like Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic”. She prefers Disney+ over Netflix because she loves watching the old Disney shows. Winter usually spends around an hour or less a day watching Disney+ because she’s normally on TikTok. One of her favorite movies and shows from the app are “Wizards Of Waverly Place” and “The Little Mermaid”.

Many students at Dobie prefer Netflix over Disney+. Overall, they are both great entertainment apps. More people world-wide use Netflix more than Disney+. Netflix has been around longer than Disney+. It has more non-disney options to watch which is probably why teens at Dobie prefer it more. It also provides more family, children movies, and tv shows which may explain it as well. They are both a great way to have family entertainment!