The overall opinions on Life360

Tralee Warren and Simon Parrish

Life360 , an app where you can track your invite only family is made to “bring your family closer with smart features designed to protect and connect the people who matter most.” It has smart notifications to notify the rest of the family who were added to the  group of when a person arrives somewhere they call this feature “Smart notifications.”Life360 can also alert whenever someone is near crime, in an accident, in bad traffic, or needs help. The app is free but to get extra features like crime reports ,crash detection ,emergency response ,and roadside assistance you would have to pay a monthly fee.


Well , what shows up as your family members ? Well the icons that show up are called Life360 circles.A Life360 circle is what you and your family members icons are and they show up on the map to track each other. It also needs a code so that all family members can track and find out where they are. There are also different color circles that mean different things. The purple circle shows the paths where a device made a connection. The green circle is what enables the user to be detected.


Kids have found many ways to disable the app and even delete it to go to places when they aren’t supposed to, and even when they skip class so their parents don’t know about it . There are many tutorials  on YouTube ,Ticktok ,and other social media apps on how to disable Life360. Because of these hacks some kids and even parents find the app just teaching kids to go behind their parents’ backs. 


Some of Dobie’s students have Life360 and here is their opinions on it. “I think it’s an invasion of privacy because I should go where I want as long as it’s safe,” said Aponte-Banton about Life360. Aponte-Banton also said “Even though it has mixed thoughts on it. I can kinda see where the parents are coming from with safety but it needs to be more on the down load.” 


There are pretty mixed feelings on Life360 as Aponte-Banton has mentioned. Some find the app as spying and others find it as their parents being protective and caring. As the article from The Match had said, very many people thought it was bad/ invading privacy and others think it’s good and do not think it’s invading privacy. Overall opinions on Life360 are mixed at this junior high and many other schools are the same.