How has Dobie changed throughout the years?

Allura Lugo, Bailey Rueda, and Carley Coloura

Dobie has had many changes over the many years. It’s been 45 years since the school was built in 1998, until now. Over a span of 22 years its gone from being an intermediate to the junior high it is now, according to the SCUCISD website Some teachers and staff have worked at Dobie for a long time, some as long as 20  years. And Dobie gets new teachers and staff every year as well.

Technology has been implemented into schools more than it has ever been.  From chalkboards to Apple TVs in every classroom you could say it’s quite a change. 

When it comes to Dobie’s building, many things have changed. To fit the amount of students that have been flowing in due to the rapid growth of the Cibolo/Schertz area. There’s been a new gym added; now there’s two gyms which were much needed for the many kids that are in athletics etc. The B wing had a major Renovation about 3 years ago. The office is also now two stories for the counselors and other things such as the library were made bigger. 

Ava Vlahakis, 8th grader, says she knows there has been a lot of change. “Although there has been so many renovations to fit the amount of kids, there’s still portables, overflow in the mornings,  and 4 lunches were made because of the many kids.”

Students have changed, too. Many teachers throughout Dobie say students aren’t as proactive and are less self motivated. Woodshop teacher Mr. Ketnick has been teaching here since 2006, and said he’s noticed big changes..  “Students are a lot less motivated, willing to settle for a 70% instead of striving for the best possible grade,” he said. Ketnick also feels teaching has gotten more complicated over the years. . Asked if he still enjoyed teaching, his response was.. “Yes and no, Yes because I like kids, I enjoy watching them grow. No because we are more maligned, and have become administrators and managers, other than teachers,” he said.

The curriculum at Dobie has gone through various changes that were both beneficial and non beneficial in the eyes of teachers. Seventh grade math teacher Coach Head said she’s noticed a change.  “The pace of classes is faster and teachers have to spend a lot more time at work to get everything done.”

ISS teacher Mrs. Beck, who has taught at Dobie for quite a while, has somewhat of the same views as Coach Head. “Teachers are expected to teach more in a little time,” Mrs, Beck said. Though Dobie’s gone through so many changes throughout the years, it’s still built on the foundation of kindness, trust and tradition.