Are Dobie students addicted social media?

Kyla Whitaker and Winter Leslie

Some Dobie students admit that they are addicted to their phones and that’s the norm in our society. According to website: “Teens are masters at keeping themselves occupied in the hours after school until way past bedtime. When they’re not doing their homework and when they are they’re online and on their phones, texting, sharing, trolling, scrolling, you name it.”

Aliyah Innocent, Kimora Day and Kennadi Davis all said that they are on their phone on a three hour average everyday according to their screen time on their IPhones. Chandler Stewert said that he’s on his phone on a four hour average every day. 

According to Pew Research Center website, today 72% of the public use some type of social media on a daily basis. Horn, an eighth grader at Dobie, says that she is on her phone almost the whole day according to her screen time average.

According to the HuffPost website in early 2017 as a social media‘s impact on self-esteem has been linked to higher levels of loneliness, anxiety, depression, narcissism, and social skills. Innocent, an eighth grader at Dobie, says “It depends on what I’m looking at but it affects me in a positive and a negative way.” 

The Huffpost website also said that 60% of people using social media reported that it has impacted their self esteem in a negative way. Day, an 8th grader at Dobie, said “[social media] affects me in a positive and negative way.”

According to in early 2018 said 60% of middle schoolers regularly use a smartphone. Also from the same website 82% of highschoolers use a smartphone regularly.