Viewpoint: The impact of having an 8th grade boys basketball team is more than about championships

What is the impact of having an 8th grade boys basketball team? Some students believe that winning district champions is all that matters, but it’s also abuot key communication and hard work. That’s what having a boys basketball team means to most people just winning but having a boys basketball team means more than that. Having a boys basketball team at a school means different things to different students but to me and my group having a boys basketball team means hard work and dedication;it could even mean blood sweat and tears have been put on the court for people to be excited to watch them on game days.

Our boys basketball teams mean a lot of things such as hard work dedication and  even playing fair. At Dobie Middle School we have priorities for our student athletes such as being respectful and being kind and most importantly  passing all of your classes is the key to being a good student athlete;and a lot of students underestimate how much pressure it takes to be a student athlete to their school.

Our basketball team is very passionate. It’s the first sport I play and  because it is one of my favorite sports and also one of my main sports and I grew up playing it . One of my favorite professional basketball players was Kobe Bryant,” said A teamer Kalon Hargrove. Some of the players are friends both on and off the court. This helps them work together as a team and play better together. The boys have a special bond with each other that helps them communicate better. 

It doesn’t matter how good of a payer you are if you don’t have good communication with your team.Communication is key when it comes to playing on a team with other people especially if you don’t know the people.

Dobie’s basketball teams have always had a history of winning. In the new renovated gym there are many banners that they have earned from winning past games. Some of the banners are 8th grade and some of the banners are 7th grade, but the top perimeter of the gym is filled with banners for all kinds of different sports. Volleyball,basketball,track and field,soccer, and football. 

Our team is fast and furious they don’t let nobody take their victory away from them without a fight.They never give,their the most hard working group of boys I’ve ever met.Their friendship shows when their out on the court, the moves, the no fear,their determination,all of it matters when their practicing or when its game day.How well they play together is unrealistic, how they try their best is unreal, how skilled they are is just unbelievable.Can’t wait for the next game.

 Our 8th Grade Boys Basketball Team is very hard working and are always ready to win they work hard in practice so that it will all be worth it in the end. Most are boys are really dedicated to the game to the sport so they try their best and never give up. Things do get hard but they don’t give up they keep pushing to make their team proud.

Our boys are really close and work good together and I think half the reason is they all have a passion for the same sport and want the same things for their teams they play their heart out and leave everything out on the court. 

The parents of the players have a very big impact on how the kids react to the game because if the parent is all about winning and yells at them for every little thing then that kid will not enjoy the sport as if the parent was very supportive and helps them with their mistakes and lets them know that you win some you lose some and that’s okay and it just affects the child’s attitude and the way they look at the game it affects their mindset and in basketball attitude and mindset plays a really big part like you could be a great player but if that attitude isn’t good, no one’s going to want you to play .