If Cool Math shuts down

Trinity Midkiff and Amiaya Myrick

When you think about math, you don’t think of anything fun. All you kids who say that y’all enjoy math, you probably only enjoy goofing around and like your peers in the class with you. Coolmath originated in 1997 was made to make math fun supposedly. On Cool Math they have math 1st grade through high school. Pre-algebra, algebra, Pre-calculus are just some of the math options they have. On Cool Math they have Math Tools such as Math Dictionary, Math Survival Guide, and Geometry & Trig Reference.

Millions of kids all over the world that use Cool Math won’t be able to play their favorite games after taking an excruciatingly painful test. Instead they will have to go on Starfall and Starfall is no type of entertainment compared to the lovely Cool Math. If Cool Math Is bound to shut down nobody will be exposed to its most popular games like Papa’s Freezeria, Run, or Fireboy and Watergirl In the Forest Temple.

Despite Cool math being slightly distracting, it has been an important part of people’s lives since its creation in 1997. In fact, according to a popular mechanics article titled “The sites that mean the most to us”, cool math is ‘The quintessential home for educational games that operated on Adobe Flash’.

Brayden Rooks is an eighth grader at J frank dobie junior high. When asked about how he would feel regarding the possibility of cool math shutting down, he stated, “I would be very sad if cool math shut down. I have a lot of amazing memories on cool math and it has inspired me to beat both papa’s pancakeria and freezeria. Cool math has taught me about these games, and I am very thankful.”

But what impact has it had on students? When questioned about this, Rooks responded, “Cool math has saved me from years of boredom during early technology classes, as well as days where I have had free time on computers. I feel blessed by the angel that is Cool math games, and  is happy that they are not shutting down anytime soon.”

Cool math may seem like the perfect website, but some people think changes are necessary. Madyson Rivera is an eighth grader at Dobie. “I would want to improve the fact that Cool math is blocked in certain schools. I don’t  want students to live through the fear of not getting to enjoy Cool math games whenever they are on a school computer.”

All in all, whether you frequently use cool math, or you used it once when you were four, doesn’t change the fact that it has improved the school experience of students since the 90’s. It has brought fun and games to an otherwise funless school day.