What students think about Virginity Rocks merchandise being banned from Dobie

What students think about Virginity Rocks merchandise being banned from Dobie

Virginity Rocks merchandise, by creator Danny Duncan, had been a quick trend with students around Dobie Jr. High. Students had been wearing T-shirts, hoodies, sweatpants, and crew necks with the words “Virginity Rocks,” as a statement of fashion. But just about as fast as they showed up, the trendy merch was banned from Dobie, with the assistant principal Mr. Jackson, saying it’s because “It represents sexual content.”  Students have a lot to say about It. 

Jasmine Martinez, 8th grade, doesn’t think this merchandise should be banned because “It doesn’t represent sexual content and It represents a good message,” most students at Dobie can agree with this quote. Even though It has been banned students are still pridefully wearing the message to school, and walking around the halls with no concern. Unfortunately, The school staff is confiscating these items If worn around school.

Other than Dobie, Corbett Jr. High allows students to wear this merch to school and that Is another reason why our students are so annoyed by the new rule. Making this rule has made people want to wear the merchandise more often because there Is a thrill of getting in trouble for it. Students like Aidan Callow, 8th grade, think we should be able to spread a good message without a consequence or negative reaction from staff. It wouldn’t be fair to have students from a different school but same district to be able to wear something we can’t wear at our school.

Most students don’t think Danny Duncan merch should be banned because it only gives off a good message instead of a bad one. Which is why they don’t understand what is wrong with wearing a shirt or hoodie with two simple words on it. “The trend Isn’t gonna last long so why not let kids wear it now,” Lauren Lazcano, 8th grade, said. This Isn’t the first time things have been prohibited from Dobie either, teachers and staff have banned numerous trendy styles or objects from school for different kinds of reasons. 

Unless these clothing items are really causing a problem to our school, they are only being banned because they’re affecting teachers. Students are all being affected by the fact that they aren’t allowed to wear something they bought to specifically show a certain message. Students can all agree that the Virginity Rocks merchandise shouldn’t be banned from Dobie Jr. high and to be able to walk around school not being bothered by what they’re wearing.