The how to’s of having the ultimate VSCO hangout

The list of 5 must have items for a VSCO hangout

A classic VSCO hangout is something that anyone would dream of having, Especially when it’s done right. In this article we will give tips and tricks on how to have the most fun and glamorous VSCO time.

 Jasmyn Martinez, an 8th grade journalist said “I kinda know somethings about VSCO, it’s basically people that like aesthetic things like fairy lights, the ocean, and turtles” and she’s not wrong.

VSCO originated from the term “VSCO cam”  this cam, or filter, used in a lot of social media platform soon became the beginning of the “VSCO girl”  trend started on the app “tik tok”. This VSCO aesthetic, is a cute and comfortable way of living that mainly uses fluffy pillows, A LOT of heavy, soft blankets, and dim fairy lights.

When having a VSCO hangout  there are six items that listed in their article ‘21 things for VSCO girls who need a VSCO hangout’ are a must have; Plants, Fairy lights,Cute/ supportive quotes, Polaroid photos, blankets, and lots of yummy snacks.

PLANTS- fake or real (especially white or yellow

A glass terrarium for all your succulents, whether they’re real or fake. We won’t judge.

FAIRY LIGHTS- Especially the  copper/ silver wired ones. 


“A felt letter board to display all your favorite sayings like “Dance like nobody’s watching,“”Good vibes only,” your VSCO handle, etc” says Buzzfeed.

BLANKETS-A lot of blankets, a VSCO hangouts is a time to be comfy and relaxed with friends 

A faux fur throw blanket lined with sherpa, meaning it’s super soft and extra warm.


 “A photo display decoration for when you run out of room on your fairy lights for all your polaroids.” Says buzzfeed.

“I definitely would like to try a VSCO hangout with my friends! I feel like it would be fun experience.If it’s something me and my friends would enjoy doing together then i’d do it again.” says Martinez. 

VSCO hangouts is a fun and bonding experience to have with your friends. Its something that everyone has to try at least once.