The Pros and Cons of cellphones in schools


Justus Bladen, David Reed, and Carson Wolbert

Electronic devices have contributed to the advancement of school programs and school assignments, that we the students receive in Google Classroom work and submit through a computer. Although one argument has continued, even with all of these contributions that technology has made in school. Should phones be allowed in school? There are mixed opinions at Dobie, where technology is used in classrooms but teachers allow personal devices with permission. 

While some might say that removing phones is the right thing to do, is it really? According to Natalie Regoli, of the Green Garage Blog, constant communication between parent and child is just one benefit of allowing phones at school.

Another one would be that do to the responsibility that comes with getting a phone makes your children more responsible, Regoli says, “Cellular phones can help us teach children on how to be responsible. Parents can set guidelines for their children, such as staying within a text message range or certain minutes of call. For the children, they will learn to become responsible for their individual gadgets, especially when parents set rules about breaking or misplacing it.’’

Going over the pros of phones in school generally includes things like allowing them to access Google Classroom and keep them informed on the up and coming events that may happen via email or apps, like Remind 101. Dobie’s journalism teacher, Mrs. P.J., says that, “Without technology we wouldn’t be able to learn journalism like we do now.”

Furthermore professors from the University of Portland say that, “Cellphones and smartphones can offer parents a little more peace of mind when their children are at school. Parents know that in an emergency the student can contact them, or vice versa. In addition, more and more cellphones and smartphones contain GPS devices that can be tracked if necessary.”

Although there are pros to having cellphones in school there are still cons to using your phone in school. A study by Harvard showed that 92% of students in their class responded to text messages during class around an average amount of 11 times a day.

Although students here say that the phone in the classroom is not really a distraction, the researchers at the Health Research Funding say, “Cell phones allow a constant connection to friends and family. For this reason, they are very distracting. Making texts or spending all of their class time on social media can cause a major hindrance in the learning of students and the teaching ability of teachers.”

Technology has made teaching in schools a lot easier especially here at dobie with the wide variety of subjects the school offers but even though these things may be true there are still cons to each and everything in this world but there are also pros and that make everything have a silver lining.