Style is the way students express themselves

There are a lot of different styles at J.Frank Dobie Jr. High. The students wear dresses, jeans, and skirts; but each generation mixes it up, just a little bit. Many students at Dobie also tend to change their style during the year.

The 80’s wore tie-dye and flowers. The 90’s wore plaid and many layers of clothing, but nowadays many people are bringing clothing back into the new generation. Everybody will always have a different type of style. Some people will go all out everyday, and slay their look, where some just wear a shirt and jeans and still look good. Other people at  school also wear sweats, a hoodie, and slides and call it a day. Students at Dobie have great different styles.  Sanaiyah Dunlap an 8th grader at Dobi, says” I like that many people at Dobie have different styles.”

There are no rules at J. Frank Dobie Jr. High that states that we can’t have piercings and different colored hair. A lot of people a Dobie has a lot of different types of piercings nose, septum, cartilage, three in one lobe, and lips. Gabi Rocha, an 8th grader at Dobie, said she appreciates that the dress code isn’t so strict. “I like that people are allowed to have piercings at Dobie,” said Rocha.

Many students at Dobie don’t like the dress code because they feel that they should be able to wear whatever they want to as a way to express themselves. There are students that think that the only way to express themselves is to dress nice, and show people that they are happy and comfortable in what they wear. The 2000s mixed up styles from every generation. They incorporate chains and layering of clothes. Bright colors and oversized hoodies. Painting on clothes is popular trend too.