International news: Fire impacts animals in Austrailia

Keira Marquez and Lindsey Boyd

It’s on everyone’s mind nowadays for those who watched the news recently. Australia’s wildfire has impacted so many plants and animal life over the past couple weeks.

 The impact destroyed acres on acres of land and many animals homes, and people took action. Around at least 480 million animals died but many people like “the dodo” a youtube channel, have started working on saving millions of helpless animals.  

The firefighters are working on dropping veggies near places that the fire affected to give the animals something to eat because all the vegetation was burned. 

Many people are setting camps near affected areas to rescue injured and scared animals then take them to safety and send them to where they will be given fresh food and water.

As you may know the fires have impacted animals severely. 

Many people as I said before took action and started to help both the people and the animals which in my opinion seems to be working in a lot of different ways as helping people out of damaged houses and helping the animals by giving them shelter, food ,and water. 

The wildfires have impacted millions on Kangaroo Island. It has destroyed houses, acres of land and so much more.

 The fire line has stretched to the ocean and on January 21, we got information that finally helicopters can finally fly in to help the firefighters with the fire. 

The wildfires have burned 27 million acres, 2,500 homes , and over 1 billion animals have died including undiscovered species and many well known animals such as koalas, kangaroos, etc.

All seriousness aside, there was a rumor about wombats saving the animals.It was discovered false and that animals could’ve just strayed into wombat homes out of fright. Wombats live in burrows so its not hard to imagine.

The wildfire was indeed inevitable. But the forest will find a way to recover and be better than ever.

All our prayers go for those poor animals.