A blast to the past! Bringing back vinyls

The grooviest thing to ever hit the streets of the United States was not the cellular telephone, no something way more awesome… Vinyl Records! Originally created in 1857 (what we know so far), people have always loved going to shops & finding their favorite album.It brings a sense of relaxation when hearing the needle spin for the first time of a new record.

In 1877, Thomas Edison invented the phonograph which not only plays the records, but can be used to record various parts of songs , but that was when it was first created & now, only DJ turntables have that ability.

When Shay Thompson, 8th grade, asked, “If kids today should know how people used to enjoy music” she responded,“I think they should. Back then music had a really good, clear meaning to the artists, unlike to today’s music , it doesn’t have any important meanings anymore.”

“I love listening to old music because, it has rhythm & a beat yet the clarity of the music made so much sense & at least had meaning,” Thompson said.

On the other hand, Jasmine Williams,8th grade, thinks differently about this subject ,”I think we should just stick with the music we have today & old people should stick with theirs. It’s not a groovy time anymore.”

“But, I would collect records , because I like the vibe it brings & the music makes you feel good, like going back to a time where you were able to enjoy the sound of good music on your porch with a cold glass of lemonade.” Williams about her opinions on 20th century records.

Record prices are rising every year, more & more young people have found joy in listening to their favorite artists.

Although opinions may vary if we should bring records back, good old records will still be waiting for the needle & you , to play it one last time.