What makes a good friendship?


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A friendship is defined by love, caring and admiration for another individual but how does a friendship turn into a toxic relationship. How do you keep your relationships from turning sour and how do you create life long friends that will stick with you through thick and thin?

Everyone has a different opinion of what makes a good, healthy friendship. Some people think communication is the key to a friendship while others say it’s all about vibing. 

Christabella Malone, a seventh grader at Dobie has a strong opinion on friendships, she says “… it’s all about healthy boundaries and open communication.”

 “When me and Divina got into a fight, it felt like I’d gone through a breakup,” Malone says. “It was really hard because that was my best friend and she was my ride or die.”

Tatiana Nabozny an eight grader at Dobie, has a very similar opinion about friendships. Nabozny said “You have to be trustworthy and honest.” 

Honesty is a key factor of life that most people think is a key to a long and healthy relationships. 

Many people have had a fight with a close friend that has left them not as connected or even not in contact. Honesty could be the solution to fights but there are other factors that also play into having the best friendships possible.

According to ReachOut.com a good friendship needs to have acceptance. “No matter how long your friendships last, the most important thing is your friends’ acceptance of you for who you are.”If your friends don’t accept you, they aren’t your friends.

When it comes to protecting your friends, it can be very hard to give your friends the chances they need to protect themselves without seeming controlling. 

In order to be less controlling, try telling your friend why you feel you need to protect them so they can stand up for themselves. 

Without communication your friendship could be at risk.

“A friend is one attached to another by affection or esteem,” is the dictionary definition of a friend. The definition that counts, however, is “One who listens, doesn’t judge and somehow makes everything all right.” Friendship needs commitment, love, and care for one another.