How what you post on social media can come back and haunt you in the future.

Aidan Szczepaniak poses with Tik Tok.

Living in the digital age, social media is hard to avoid. There’s Tiktok, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and even YouTube! Many people of importance have been affected by poor social media choices which proves you need to think before you post.

Camilla Cabello is an example of someone in the spotlight affected by what they’ve posted in the past. A twitter thread was uncovered, exposing previous racist and insensitive comments made by the singer in 2012 when she was only 15. Most of the links exposed racist jokes, memes, and multiple uses of the N-word. Many have shared their thoughts on the situation saying they were disappointed, but she handled the problem well.

Any comment meant to offend another person or group could cost you your job. For example, CNN reports an incident where a former Washington National radio show producer drunkenly tweeted an inflammatory and racist comment about the people of San Antonio after his team lost a game. Others on the radio show were not amused and fired him for his comment.

NFL superstar Antonio Brown lost his job in the NFL because of his actions on the field, and on social media. He posted racist and very inappropriate things throughout his whole career and it came back on him when he got fired. Now, he is widely known as the crazy man of the NFL because of his actions.

You always need to be conscious of how you use social media, and what you post on it. One slip up can affect your future and reputation. Multiple kids have been rejected from Harvard and other Ivy League schools, as well as high level college athletes to D1 and D2 Schools. All because of their irresponsible past on social media, they had to change their career path.

As a matter of fact there are quite a few ways you can mess up your life on social media… and those all include complaining, sharing job offers,plagiarizing, foul language, tasteless comments, posting photos with alcohol, mocking consumers, and inappropriate pictures, CareerCast reports.

Even students at Dobie Jr. High know that you can get yourself into trouble on social media. Dobie 8th grade student Lauren Brochu says” I don’t really get on social media much but i know you can get in trouble for it.”

8th grader Aiden Szczepaniack also says that on social media the only things that he posts are “Tik Toks, my friends, and my family”.

Dobie students are careful not to post anything that could hurt them in the future. 

Always think before you post. You never know the effect your posts can have on others.