Airpods v.s. wired headphones


Do you have a preference on Airpods or wired headphones? Well you may have seen them around school, they’re part of our everyday lives. There are students who have different opinions on them too. Here are some opinions from students at Dobie Jr. High and one from Steele High School.

Dobie News interviewed students and an upperclassman on what he or she prefers to regularly use. There have been studies performed, websites used for referencing and personal testimony for each product to gather as much valuable information for consumers. 

Madelyn Meerscheidt, a freshman at Steele High School prefers airpods over wired headphones because, “Wired headphones can break easily and are a hassle if they get tangled, but airpods have no wires to get tangled up and don’t break as easily.” But Meerscheidt also said, “Airpods have a pretty okay sound quality and are easy to use,” you don’t hear that everyday by people that use airpods.

According to Macworld, “Its true airpods have to be more popular than anyone ever expected.” Airpods have been shown to be more popular than people ever expected. Some people say airpods are easier while some people do not, but Meersscheidt said, “Airpods, because all the wired headphones I had before broke easily, also there’s no wires to get tangled, but you need to make sure they’re charged before you use them.” 

 What some people say is that there should be more colors on the airpods and this is what was said, “ Wires have more of a variety of colors on their earbuds than airpods, while airpods only have one color.”

Also some people prefer wired headphones over airpods. Faith Loveday, an 8th grade student at Dobie, prefers wired headphones. She stated, “Wires, because sometimes the airpods don’t fit in your ear.” Some people still like the “original” or “regular” earbuds that come with your phone or the affordable ones at drugstores, because the shape of the airpods don’t feel as comfortable or aren’t a good fit for some people.  

According to, “Headphones capable of staying on or in the ears throughout high-intensity activities like running and jumping score higher than 7.5.”  

There are some pros and cons that people normally don’t get, like when you have to clean the inside of the speaker. There are tools like a q-tip, or a needle that you can get to clean with both, and if you mess up with cleaning it you can mess up the sound quality in the earbud. That is why some people get the proper things to clean them so they will not mess up, but some people do mess them up while cleaning so they have to get a new pair.