Dobie Sets a Spike for the Season


Dailey Brite

 It was the 8th of August on a Thursday, and the eighth graders were holding their first volleyball scrimmage of the season against Corbett. The girls were in their jerseys and burning with excitement. The bleachers on Dobie’s side were roaring with cheers as the A team players were set in their positions to practice their spikes and passes before the game started.

Tegan Burdick, 8th grader, #27, was sprinting and always ready when the ball was in her range. Burdick’s passes and spikes were filled with power and control. 8th graders, Madison Mulkey, #32, and Makenzie Odom, #20, both worked together to keep the ball out of their range while players spiked the ball over the net.

Shelvy Curtis, 8th grader, #21, plays all positions. Curtis said that the best part of the game in her opinion was her team beating Corbett. Curtis didn’t like Corbett winning the second set.

“I will remember the moment when I had to block and because of it we won the first set,” Curtis said, appearing content with the team’s performance. Curtis also mentioned that she thinks that her team should work on communicating and their passes, but said that they did very well on their transitioning.

Tegan Burdick, 8th grader, was the setter in B Team’s game. “My important stats on this game would have to be… moving around,” Burdick said.”Our communication wasn’t that great.” Burdick also mentioned she liked how the team stayed positive and that they need to work on their transitioning as well. Burdick also stated, “I think this season will go good this year because we can improve.”

 A team’s scores were recorded, Corbett won the first set with 22 and Dobie with 15. The second and third set was won by Dobie with 25 and Corbett with 19. The fourth was not recorded.

B team’s scores were also recorded, Dobie won the first set with 27 and Corbett at 25. The second, third, and fourth set were also the same. Dobie with 20 and Corbett with 25.

Courtney Crowe 8th grader, #15, said “I think the best part of the game was when we won the first set.”  Crowe also said,“My most memorable play of the game was when I got to serve.” She states that the team did good on defense, but still needs to improve. “I think it will be a good season, because after our first game we’ll know what to fix. She also expressed that her biggest competitor was Canada Buchanan, 8th grader playing for Corbett.

At the end of the game, Mackenzie Odom, 8th grader, A team, #20. “My important stats would have to be serving.” She said that the best part of the game was the team winning and the worst part was the team not talking. “I will always remember blocking and how I felt.” Odom also mentioned, “I think the team should definitely work on talking, because it’s always good to have communication especially for games”, and “I think the season will go great this year because we have good team members and we encourage each other.