Personal View: Is kindness week really as effective in Dobie Junior High?

Personal View: Is kindness week really as effective in Dobie Junior High?

Nora Creel

Kindness week is a week spent in Dobie that influences students to do small acts of kindness for their fellow students and teachers, but is it really as effective as they think? 


Kindness is the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate. In other words kindness is doing something nice for the people around you no matter the date or time. You shouldn’t have to inform your students for a whole week to be kind, it is something that they should all know and do all year long.


8th grade journalist, Aidan Callow says “Kindness week is boring because students don’t need to be told when to be kind and when to not be kind. They already know how.”And I couldn’t agree more.

The students at Dobie JH are some of the brightest and most social classmates I’ve ever had. Since I moved from Florida back in 7th grade they had always welcomed me in and invited me into their friend groups without hesitation. Even if we weren’t friends or classmates, other students in the hallways complement each other in the hallways and joke with the people next to them at their lockers.

Just the other day a girl had tapped me on the shoulder and told me she loved my style I was wearing that day. These students know how to be kind and often express it without even taking a second thought. 

Expression of kindness is something everyone has learned since they were a baby. There is no need for school to have to remind already kind hearted students how to be nicer to their peers.