What is love?

What is love?

Kaitlin O, Staff Reporter

What is love? To me love is so many things. For me it would be my family, friends, boyfriend, cat, and puppy. Love can also be an emotion. Emotions like, happiness, sadness, contentment, and excitement.


My family is one of the greatest things I love. My mom is always there for me. It’s just the little or big things she does like stopping what she is doing to give me and my sisters hugs or just telling us she appreciates us. The big things though, like putting money into an account with my dad for when I move out of the house. My dad is always the little things that make me feel special. Like when he asks how i’m doing or when he gets home from work and gives me a hug.


My sister Maddy is so kind. One day when I was sick, she came home from school and gave me a hug and played games with me all day. When I fell and scraped my knee or got an injury because of my clumsiness, my other sister Lily would try and kiss it better.


My boyfriend is a very sweet person. He always asks me how my day was. He’ll give hugs at random and find ways to make me laugh. Just this past Valentine’s Day, he got me a stuffed animal and some chocolate. And at times, he takes my hand and just sits with me. I always feel happy when I’m with him.


My cat is a big part of my life. She is always there. She is my most solid rock. It’s like she always knows if I’m happy or sad. She’ll nuzzle my hand and just give me affection. My puppy on the other hand, is just the sweetest thing you’ll ever meet. When I get home from school, she’ll run up to me and jump and lick my face. I love my pets.


What is love? Love is always there. Love for me though is absolutely beautiful.