What Is Love?

What Is Love?

Amanda Valencia, Staff Reporter

When it comes to love, most would think of a mother’s love or a romantic kind of love. Though that is true, love can be many other things too, like a love for an activity or a love for one’s self. My own kind of love is a love for books and literature in general.

You can call me nerdy but it is true, literature speaks to me and puts me in a trance that nobody and no other thing can. Anyone can give you a list of reasons why you should appreciate literature but you can never truly understand it until you’ve experienced it and felt the hunger that it puts you through.

Throughout the world and history we’ve done so many things containing literature. We’ve even built a whole shrine to it and it’s just around the corner from your house. It’s in stores and marketplaces and it’s even on your cereal box. Literature has even been with us from when we were mere infants, when our mothers and fathers would read us stories or poems to us, hoping that their little baby would grow up with the knowledge of what is beautiful in the world in a form of words.

I can tell you many things to convince you that what I have for literature is real , but that won’t make you understand, would it? I can tell you that it’s what makes me feel whole, I can tell you that it’s what keeps me going, but you wouldn’t believe me. You wouldn’t believe me because maybe you haven’t experienced it. You wouldn’t believe me because it’s not what you love, but let me put in a way for you to understand: I love literature.