Personal view: Dobie counselors are extremely underestimated


Alyson Lone Bear, Staff Reporter

At Dobie, every student, every staff member, everyone in general is accepted and valued. Who are the people who make sure that happens each and every day? OUR COUNSELORS! Mrs. Navarro, Mrs. Schroeder, and Mrs. Ruhd are the very people who make our days at Dobie great! They just don’t get enough appreciation and respect.

If you want to change your schedule at the beginning of the year, who do you go to? THE COUNSELORS! They have to put in every request for you. Even I had to go to get my schedule changed and went to Mrs. Schroeder just for that.

Not only do they take care of the little things, they are also always there when you need to talk. It always feels great to just get what you need to say off your chest, and who better to talk to then Dobie’s very own counselors. Whether talking about home, school, or just life normally, it is everlastingly fun to just talk. 

According to U.S News, a school counselor (on average [in 2018]) gets paid only $56,310! That is $803,690 less than the median amount of a football player’s $860,000 salary. Why are we paying more for ENTERTAINMENT than we are for the very people who help us with our struggles?

Our counselors give every day of every week giving us advice and just being a good listener. Even Dobie students who haven’t been to the counselor’s office say that they are underappreciated. “Most people think of them as just another person who doesn’t understand them,” said Alina Hernandez, a 7th grader.

I personally agree with Hernandez, they are NOT just another person. They might not know exactly what you are going through, but they will do everything to help. They spend their time listening to your complaints and problems. They do the best they can to make sure that everyone is happy.

Every month, one of the counselors come to your College and Career Readiness classroom. I have Coach Adame, so that means I have Mrs. Ruhd. I absolutely enjoy these days because they give me a look on life that not very many people get. One time, the lesson was on bystanders, we were shown some “What Would You Do?” videos and they gave me extreme insight and realization.

I haven’t been to the counselor’s office very often, yet I’m sure that they give great advice and talks. Not only do they help with everything you’re going through, they also are just very good people to be around and laugh with. Our counselors are extremely underestimated in everything that they do.