Personal view: you can limit your impact on global warming by doing simple things


Madyson Rivera, Staff Reporter

Global Warming remains an issue that we have yet to solve. It has gotten worse over the years but many people have made an effort to try to limit its lasting impact on the globe. This is not enough, we require everyone to want to do something to limit our carbon footprint. It doesn’t have to be a big act; it could be small, anything goes a long way especially if everyone does it.

In the last few years, more and more people have started making a change to try to lessen their impact on Earth. This is because they see something needs to be done so we don’t lose what we have on this planet.

According to Gallup, nearly one-fourth of Americans have been reported to eat less meat in previous years. This is a step anyone can take, now it doesn’t have to be cutting it out of your life completely, this could be doing Meatless Monday or eating more healthy foods.

I have also done this, but I didn’t just jump into being vegan, it was a process to say the least. I’m 14 and having to tell your parents that you wanted to become vegetarian and then vegan a couple of months later was challenging. To say the least they understood and helped me out finding recipes to try and improving my cooking skills so I could make my own food. This also opened their eyes, and they started eating some of the vegan recipes that we found. We make them as often as possible and I get the bonus to cook with my mom.

Recycling is something major we have to do. According to National Geographic, 91 percent of plastic isn’t recycled, which isn’t good! This means it ends up in a landfill and will most likely end up in the ocean or the wildlife. When you recycle, it allows us to reduce the need for virgin materials, which means fewer greenhouse gases are used to make a new product. This is due to the fact that to get virgin materials, greenhouse gas emissions are released from the extracting or mining of it.

You can also limit your impact by using your car less. This might seem hard to do since we use cars for everyday transport, but there are ways like you can carpool with a friend or colleague, bike, take public transportation or even walk instead of using the car. Gasoline is one of the biggest problems we have that impacts global warming, if we cut our use of it, it will help. Not only that, when you get a new car find one that uses less gas or even an electric one. This will cut our need for gas, and it will also help save the planet and your money.

When you talk about what you’ve done and your opinion on this situation it helps inform others. This exposes others to change and make an effort to try to limit their carbon footprint. Talking is the easiest thing we could do, we do it all the time. Our voice is the best gift we were given, it allows us to express our mind when we think something is wrong. This is why I’m speaking out now, there is so much that we could do. The problem is not everyone is informed or believes this is genuine when it absolutely is. Our best bet in doing something about this is to speak to others and know as much as possible. When more people know the better of a chance for us to make an impact.

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