Personal View: COVID-19 may be having a positive effect on people’s lives


Kara Brown, Staff Reporter

We’ve all heard about it: the virtually unstoppable virus that’s taken over the globe, caused over a million deaths, and brought many countries to go into lock-down. Schools and churches are closed all across America, and the majority of the world is staying home. However, the virus that’s turned the world upside-down and inside-out may still have positive effects on the world.

Back before the coronavirus, our world was a hustling, bustling place that was always busy. Parents were off at work, children at school, and even once they were home, work was still needed to be done; food needed to be prepared, homework done, and the house cleaned. Then it was off to bed, and the cycle would begin again the next day. All this would change, though.

With the majority of the states across the U.S. “implementing stay-at-home orders,” according to CNN, many people found themselves at home with their families, their work schedule shortened or cancelled completely. In fact, many states, including Texas, have forbidden all public encounters, unless it is necessary (buying groceries, for example). We can’t visit friends, go shopping for fun, or watch a movie in the theatre. Suddenly, our lives are completely altered. Then again, perhaps this is not a bad thing.

A lot of people- in my opinion, at least- have completely lost the idea of what it means to live. As Oscar Wilde once said, “To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.” Sadly, this may actually be true; many people forget to live in the moment. They work unceasingly to the monotonous schedule of the clock- school, go home, do homework, eat dinner, go to bed, wake up, breakfast, and school again. We forget that life is more than this, more than surviving or following a schedule.

Coronavirus is our wake-up call to live again. Suddenly, we have been put in a situation where “existing” is not enough. Our schedule shattered and more time on our hands than we’d like to admit, we have a chance to try new things- and more importantly, enjoy ourselves a little bit.

No longer bound by requirements like jobs or school that take up most of our day, we are given the opportunity to love living. We can go outside and enjoy the fresh air, watch the sunset, and sleep in. I, myself, have never seen so many people outside hanging out with their families when I go on my daily bike ride. We should not take these things for granted or be too busy for them, and now we no longer really have an excuse in this upside-down world.

According to the Consumer News and Business Channel (CNBC), “People have been gravitating toward crafting and baking to keep themselves busy,” which only months ago were things mainly indulged in by the younger and older populations, and are now a commonality in most American households. People bake bread instead of buying it, and knit that blanket instead of ordering it online or buying it from Walmart. According to the Washington Post, “‘[Seed companies] are definitely seeing an increase in sales’” because many people have begun gardening and growing their own vegetables.

Admittedly, this choice was not entirely made for entertainment purposes, but also partially for fear of the closing of shops and quarantine, as proven by the Washington Post article previously mentioned. We can only hope, though, that this new interest in “living”- creating, trying new things, and enjoying oneself in the little things of life- is more than this, and will leave a permanent imprint on our lives even after coronavirus is accounted for.