Movie Review: Two thumbs up for Disney Pixar’s Onward


Hailey Gorzell, Staff reporter

Disney Pixar’s Onward (here’s the trailer) tells the story about two very unique and loving brothers named Ian and Barley Lightfoot. On Ian’s birthday they are given a staff and a stone, with spell instructions from their dad who passed away. This spell is the instructions of how to see their dad for one whole day. I found this movie to be amazing, because they live on another planet with two moons, and are magical creatures living together in a modern world going on a quest.

They attempt the magic spell (it definitely doesn’t go well), and they break the stone, and now only the bottom half of their dad is back. Now, they must go on an adventure to locate the stone, defeat the curse, and see their whole dad all in one day. 

Ian soon realizes this journey won’t be easy, and he must gain confidence in order to complete this entire quest. The importance of family is soon proved as they go together through each step of the quest. They face the Manticore (winged lion, scorpion lady), and the Pixie Dusters, who are a motorcycle gang, to find the stone and bring back their dad. The movie expresses the importance of confidence, and gives a voice to young children all over the world, which I believe makes a large impact. 

After so long Ian finally gained the confidence he needed, and used magic to defeat the curse once and for all. This movie proves you can do any spell, face any dragon, if only you stick together and be courageous. I think this is a great movie that tells you; you can do anything, if only you believe in yourself.

Ian finally realizes he always had his brother Barley for support, and found out the true meaning of family. Barley was always there to tell him you can do anything, and just be yourself, and Ian realized Barley was like a father to him. I would definitely give this family film five stars, because it had a great family over everything message, and we can do anything if we stick together and believe in each other. Two thumbs up is the right message for a movie of this magnitude.

Rotten Tomatoes’s review  gives it an 88 percent on the Tomatometer and 95 percent for audience score. “It may suffer in comparison to Pixar’s classics, but Onward makes effective use of the studio’s formula — and stands on its own merits as a funny, heartwarming, dazzlingly animated adventure,” the site states as it’s audience consensus. That’s very high for that site, and I agree. The characters, the plot and the animation make it a must watch for people of all ages. Watch it on Disney + and leave a comment about what you think.