Personal view: There are positive outcomes of Coronavirus

Personal view:  There are positive outcomes of Coronavirus

Caleb Mouser, Staff reporter

If I’m right, you’re probably reading this thinking “positive outcomes? What good could we possibly get out of this mess?” Now, I know that we have all been heavily affected by, if not at the very, very least heard about the COVID-19 pandemic that has caused the world to go into what seems like a global mental breakdown. For this reason, it has been a very trying time for everyone (people of all backgrounds and ethnicities) in the U.S. and around the world, and I know that it can be hard to see the bright side of things when everything going on right now feels so negative. In a way, the negativity has spread faster than the virus itself.

At these times many of us are living in a constant fear, and we feel helpless. We feel trapped at home and wish we could be out with our friends. We wish we could be back at school with our classmates, or at work with our co-workers. We can begin to feel lonely. Feel isolated. Feel hopeless. It’s not just our physical health that’s at risk, but our mental health too.

Recently I read a story on the Fox news website about a Russian man that shot five people with a hunting rifle over complaints that they were being too loud and partying when they were supposed to be social distancing. To put it simply, I feel like the man had had enough, and he finally snapped, taking the lives of five young people. This seems a little extreme. Correction, very extreme, but it just goes to show how real this struggle is and that the fear and negativity are really just as dangerous as the pandemic itself. Don’t wanna take my word for it, here is the full story: Russian man allegedly shot, killed 5 neighbors because they were talking too loudly, reports say

The point is, it can be really hard to see the positive side of the coronavirus outbreak, but amidst all the negative feelings caused by COVID-19 there are actually a few good outcomes to it:

First, it helps people to see what is essential in life. Especially here in the United States, where a majority of the country lives pretty comfortably. I think it’s a great thing that our nation is so prosperous, but sometimes that can be a curse, as we can be ignorant about what it’s like to live without plenty. Things such as technology, goods, food, work and money come to us so easily here in America that we often overlook what is truly important and we end up thinking we can’t live without certain things that aren’t nearly as valuable (hate to break it to you but your PlayStation is not a priority). However, now during this time of crisis, when many have lost jobs and when food and toilet paper is in short supply, it has helped us to see what is essential.

This also leads to my second point. I think that this has opened the eyes of those who are privileged to see what it’s like to not be. In other words, this crisis allows more financially stable or wealthy people to sympathize for lower-class citizens who are not able to live as comfortably, and perhaps understand those who have had to live this way (or worse) everyday, even before the pandemic.

Another positive outcome is that it is helping families to grow closer together. With kids home from school and parents not going to work everyday, it allows for plenty of family bonding time. Personally, my family and I have gotten much closer. It is important to give each other some space though. Six feet exactly.

If you haven’t noticed, gas prices are going down. And when I say down, I’m talking under $1.50 per gallon. With more and more people staying at home, there are less and less people on the road. With less and less people on the road, there is less and less gas being used, and so prices have gone down exceptionally. Gas is not only being sold a lot less for a lot less, but it’s also being produced a lot less, thus slowing global warming. So that’s a plus.

Finally, a time of crisis when many people feel hopeless and defeated is a great time for Christians such as myself to share our faith and try to spread the hope we find in Christ.

Coronavirus and the deadly infectious disease that it spreads has struck us all with lots of anxiety, fear and just an overall gloomy feeling of hopelessness. If you are like many, like me, you’re probably scared for your health and for the health and safety of your loved ones. Hoping and wishing and praying that you don’t get infected.

These may be trying times but that doesn’t mean everything’s going to end badly. So how about we try to spread some hope around? I believe that we will get through this, and we will get through it together.