Introducing a new Podcast: “The Holy Pineapple Weekly”

All started during Quarantine and all about teen life as we know it.


Adyson Flannery and Larkin Martinez

Welcome to“ The Holy Pineapple Weekly,” a new podcast with Adyson and Larkin.  Every week we will talk all about teen life as we know it.

With only one season done and working on the second season we have learned so much! Larkin, being a media enthusiast, chooses the music and photographs behind the scenes.

Me- Adyson being the editor and co-host- helps determine what we should talk about and how the flow should go for the episode. Both of us work on the podcast together. Keep in mind that we are new at this and we are learning as we go. 

We also have a whole team of people that help us make it possible! We have Carrisa Place as Youtube Producer, Ava Garza as Artist,  Aidan Szczepaniak as Podcast Producer #2, Bella Malone as Podcast Producer #1 and Kaelyn Eickel as Idea Manger.

Our podcast will cover situations that some or a lot of people have gone through.

Season 2 is coming soon! All about some summer things we can do or things Larkin and I plan on doing this summer. Also talking about the end of the school year. Listen to our trailer and also some bloopers from season 1.

Season 2 is finally here! Listen to the first episode now!

All episodes are available on Spotify as well. Let us know what you think in comments! We would like this to be an interactive experience. 😊