How YouTube Has Changed Our Lives


Valeria Gonzalez, Staff reporter

By the end of 2015, more than more 400 hours of video have been uploaded to YouTube in a minute. This number is most likely going to increase with time. YouTube has over one billion users so about ⅓ of the world is on the site.More than half of users are watching YouTube on their mobile devices, and about 80% of total views are out of the US

In this century YouTube is a big part of our daily lives. Zoe Clark, 8th grader, said, ” Well, it’s my main form of entertainment so it takes up most of my free time.”Ashley Sustayta, 8th grader, said she enjoys music and specific shows on YouTube.“I use it listen to music. I watch Good Mythical Morning every day.” So the typical teenager uses YouTube every day for something,” Sustayta said.

“There’s so many reasons to use this site,” Sustayta said. “I use it because I want to be able to listen to music I don’t own, and I enjoy watching funny videos about cats or stuff like that.”Clark said she watches YouTube because, ”It’s a whole bunch of content and the videos are usually shorter than TV or movies. I get bored of things quickly when it comes to entertainment, so with YouTube if I get bored with something I can just find someone new to watch. Also because it’s not as manufactured as TV. It’s more realistic.”

YouTube has so many topics and so many things to offer that it can be negatively or positively applied to our lives. Sustayta said, “I think it’s both positively and negatively impacted our lives, because there is many good things on it as well bad things that aren’t appropriate for most people. YouTube allows you to learn, but it can be distracting and you can become addicted to it in a bad way.”

YouTube has only existed 11 years so imagine how YouTube will evolve in the future. “Even though I’m hopeful it won’t, I think YouTube will become more manufactured and instead of the nerdy outsiders and maybe not the most popular people making YouTube videos it will probably be the famous people or the people who look like models making videos,” said Clark. “That won’t be necessarily bad but it won’t be as relatable as it is now. YouTube might become a bigger business than it is now which isn’t bad but, it won’t become a hobby that everyone can join in on, I’m hoping it stays the same for a while though.”

If it’s such a important thing in our lives how would life be without it. “Not sure to be honest, my life would be duller and I wouldn’t know many things that I know today,” said Sustayta.YouTube has helped most of us in some way. It has helped me be more confident and be less stressed since I know I have something that I have available in my life at anytime when I do get stressed,” said Clark.