COVID-19 Q & A with my Dad


I interviewed my dad, Joey Whitaker. I asked him about Coronavirus. 

  • Q. Do you think that social distancing has impacted the coronavirus spread at all? Why or why not? 
    • A. Social distancing has caused a decrease in the spread of coronavirus. Coronavirus are mostly spread from person to person by contact, by using social distancing reduces your rate of potentially coming in contact with coronavirus also preventing you from spreading coronavirus.
  • Q. Do you think that the coronavirus will eventually find a vaccine? If so, how long until you think they will? 
    • A. Yes, within a year [I think] they should find a vaccine since they found one for a lot of other diseases.
  • Q. How does the coronavirus make you feel?
    • A. [It makes me feel] cautious because I want to prevent myself from catching it. 
  • Q. When do you think America will open again, why do you think it will? 
    • A. I think it will open up in the summertime, because the infections will slow down and the hospitals will be able to treat people with the coronavirus.
  • Q. What do you think about the coronavirus test count compared to the amount of people in the US? 
    • A. I think not enough people have been tested compared to the populations because they said that less than 1% has been tested.