Personal View: A smile a day keeps the darkness away

January 3,2020 Addison Deleon and I walking six miles to enjoy the outdoors. Keeping the smiles close.

Every day I wake up and say “You’re never fully dressed without a smile.” Thanks to the movie Annie I believe in it. Now some people say that I’m too happy or ask me how I’m so happy all the time so I simply answer with a “just because” or “I don’t know” Being positive and being joyful is so simple that you can wake up everyday and be it. 

February 22,2020 Ava Garza and I with a full fun day at Six Flags. An amazing day with smiles all around.

This energy in our minds and bodies  is more than a feeling, it’s a mindset. Just by thinking good can do your soul good. Walking to the bus or seeing friends is a positive mindset. Yes there are people out there that only speak the negative but just by giving someone a wave or smile it can change a lot. It might be their highlight of the day.

Some of my friends think it’s weird that I’m so joyful but there is no secret behind it. If it’s Monday find something good about Monday or if there’s a test tell yourself you can do it. Don’t ever think you can’t do it or you can’t be happy. There is always a way. No matter what it is, think about it and turn your frown upside down.

Now every day you have a chance to wake up and make the day great. If the day isn’t great then say “that’s okay tomorrow will be even better.” That feeling.That chance is something you can take everyday and can not waste.  So I say whatever happens in life you can make it better. Take a walk,text a friend or listen to some music that makes you feel good. Find something that makes you feel on top of the world. 

This topic is a reminder that being happy and positive is not a bad thing. Embrace your smile,happiness, and yourself. Make the day or the week maybe even the month! Make it the best because living in a world that is hurting right now. It can really do us a lot of good.