A Q & A with the Torres family about Covid-19


My name is Myra Torres, and I am a journalist for Dobie News. To me , Covid-19 was a bit scary at first, because it’s making stores go out of stock and places shutting down. Also it’s challenging because it’s hard to focus on school work at home. Due to many distractions. Also It’s hard not having any face to face interaction. To show readers how Covid-19 has affected my family, and what they think of it I interviewed my mom,Tanya Torres, my dad, Danny Torres, and my brother, Danny Torres jr.

Tanya Torres, a ICU (intensive care unit) nurse at Christus Santa Rosa.

Q: How do you feel about Covid-19? 

A: “At first I wasn’t too worried about it; I thought it was like a bad flu, but quickly I realized how bad this virus really is. I am nervous to see how bad it hits here.” 

Q: How do you feel about people not taking the quarantine seriously? 

A: “I am worried because we didn’t really know what this virus was and how it acts, but we do know it’s killing a lot of people. We have no immunity to help fight this virus. Unfortunately, we won’t really know if we’re overreacting, but we will know if we are not acting enough.”
Q: How do you feel about grocery stores and everyone panicking to get supplies? 

A: “ I feel like they handled everything pretty well, considering they’re blindsighted by the sudden high demand of necessities. I like how they started putting restraints on supplies so that people have a chance to get what they need.”

Danny Torres, photographer and owner of Just 4 Tonight Barber shop.

Q:  What are your general thoughts about Covid-19?

A:  “Initially I was a little scared. Honestly by how quickly it was spreading and because of the fact that we don’t have a vaccine. But i’m so open minded that sometimes I feel like there’s something else going on”
Q: Has Covid-19 affected your income? 

A: “Covid-19 has impacted me drastically as a business owner. I actually took the initiative and closed down the barbershop before they put in any enforcement on everything closing down. [Because I knew that] with it coming closer and closer to us in the shop we started to realize like is this really worth it. Also we [small businesses] were given hope that there were going to be some PPPs (Payment Protection Plan) or some emergency disaster relief fund. But it seems like we’ve all applied and as fast as we applied was as fast as the money was gone.”
Q: How has Covid-19 made a positive impact on you?

A:  “So for most people we get caught by a daily routine like how kids wake up and go to school for 8 hours or like if you work from 9-5 that’s part of your daily routine, and we come home and mentally we’re exhausted like all we want to do is just relax. But now that were forced to stay home it’s helped me eliminate the excuses of I don’t have enough time for it because in reality right now is the perfect time to work on yourself and grow mentally and physically so that when you come out of this you’ve improved from when it started.”

Danny Torres Jr., a student at Steele high school, and Band & Track nerd.

Q: How do you feel about the quarantine and about it continually being extended?

A: “I feel like the longer it gets extended the more i wanna just go outside and hang out with friends”

Q: Do you miss social face to face interaction?

A: “Yes I miss seeing my friends in person because is not the same as being online and talking through a phone”
Q: Would you rather go back to daily assignments or keep it weekly like how it is in college? why?

A: “I feel like if we could have face to face interactions like how we do in school but get the whole week to do the assignment.”

Q: How do you feel about track season stopping so early?

A: “I hated that because my next track meet would have decided if I went to varsity or not and next year they’re changing coaches.”

Q: What’s a positive outcome you think youll get out of being stuck at home?

A: “I feel like I have more room to grow as an artist and more time to play instrument that I didn’t have before.”