In their words: Dobie students show appreciation for teachers

Teacher Appreciation Week of May 4 – May 8

In their words: Dobie students show appreciation for teachers

In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, some students in Mrs. P.J.’s journalism and yearbook classes chose to reflect and write about what makes them appreciate some of their teachers. 


I appreciate Ms. Clarkson because she goes the extra mile during her job

By: Tyler Welborn

Mrs. Clarkson knew I was really struggling with math, so she would give me re-dos and extra tutoring time to make sure I was on the same level as everyone else. She would always keep me on task during class and would constantly call on me to make sure i knew the material. Also, she gave me a little grace on turning in papers because she would still grade them after the 3 days late policy. She would also give many examples to explain the classwork and it really helped. Thank you. Mrs.Clarkson, for always putting your students before yourself.


I appreciate Mrs. P.J. because she is very helpful to all the students

By: Emma Ybanez

Mrs. P.J. tries very hard to make sure all her students are understanding the topic, and if they are not she will give her time and work with them about it. She has always helped me through the year, and I believe i have gotten better, and I thank Mrs. P.J. for taking the time to work with me and others, so that we get better.


I appreciate Mr. Daniel because he’s helped me so much

By: Nianna Shaffer

I appreciate Mr Daniel because he’s helped with band and helped with bettering myself as a student and a musician. He’s helped me in pursuing my dream of being a conductor for band or as a teacher by helping recommend ways to learn and educate myself in the fine arts of band and music theory. I hope to continue receiving his help and advice even as I go off to high school. I will never forget his willingness to help out students in any way he can and how he helps students be the best version of themselves. 🙂


I appreciate Mrs. Hecox because she shows dedication when doing her job 

By: Jazlyn Garcia

Mrs. Hecox has a great personality and a unique way of teaching math. She makes math fun by making side jokes or talking about her personal life yet still getting the idea across. She’s super open to her students, and you can tell she truly cares about them. 

If she notices a student is looking upset or a little sad she asks them if they’re okay and if they wanna talk later. She’s also a very good teacher. When she’s teaching math, she does a very good job of explaining the lesson to students. I have personally never not understood a lesson because of how well she explains it and gives examples. Thank you, Mrs. Hecox, for being so dedicated and understanding to your students. 


I appreciate Mrs. Compton because she is helpful to students

By: Arianna Fisher

Mrs. Compton makes sure she is there to help anyone when needed and even puts a joke on Google Classroom or on the board when students are in class. She hands out sheets that will help kids stay organized and know when everything is due. Mrs Compton made sure about every 2 weeks she would show us our grades and let us get extra credit on small things. She gives advice to be organized and about when we should be at a certain part of our work. Mrs Compton is a helping and fun teacher to her students in the classroom and in online learning.


I appreciate Ms. Clarkson because she makes learning fun and easy

By: Mia Rodriguez

When I first started 8th grade, I wasn’t looking forward to algebra class. It was quite daunting to take on a high school level class and I didn’t think I was ready. But when I realized what a great teacher Ms. Clarkson was, my perspective on algebra changed. She knows how to keep the class engaged by making jokes and having fun lesson plans. She also facilitated learning by giving examples that made sense to us and allowing us to learn from each other. It was fun having a teacher who was relatable and I will really miss her next school year.


I appreciate Mrs. P.J. because she’s kind and generous 

By: Katlyn Thomas

I appreciate Mrs. P.J. because she’s almost always there when I need someone to talk to and she wants you to succeed and will help you to do so. She’s always encouraging me to do better and makes sure you understand the assignment.


I appreciate Mrs.Harper because she helps her students with any problem they have

By: Jasmin Quiroz

She is very strong. Even if there are kids that aren’t kids in her class she still helps them. I look up to her because she is so strong emotionally and physically.  


I appreciate Mrs. Garcia because she is an excellent math teacher who’s always there to help

By: Caleb Mouser

Mrs. Garcia sometimes gets a bad wrap because she’s a math teacher, but in reality she is a terrific teacher who is always there to lend a hand. She is always there for her students when they are struggling in school or just in general. If you needed homework help. She’d be there. If you didn’t understand a certain math concept. She’d be there. If you were having a bad day and needed someone to cheer you up. She’d be there. All with a friendly smile on her face. Honestly, I’m really going to miss having Mrs. Garcia as my math teacher.


I appreciate Ms. Johnson because she gives good advice

By: Winter Leslie

Ms. Johnson Is young and still understands how teenagers feel. She has always been very understanding. I liked to see her every morning before I go to class because it’s just nice talking to her. Kids don’t always appreciate what their teachers do for them or say to them, but when mrs. jonson is telling me something or giving me advice I normally listen to and try to apply because I trust her. One time I got in trouble from my parents, and she told me what I could do to fix it.


I appreciate Mrs. Hecox because she takes the time to make sure we understand everything

By: Allura Colean

Mrs. Hecox always goes out of her way to make sure every single students truly understands what they’re learning. She encourages us to ask questions so we may have deeper understanding. Even during this remote/online learning journey before any knowledge check she puts a note that says if you need help please ask. Everything she does for us shows how much she really cares and I love that about her. I hope more teachers can follow her and continue to be amazing helping students through this journey.


I appreciate Coach Herron because she understands me

By: Micaiah Hubbard 

When I first came to this school I was very nervous. I didn’t know any of the teachers here. I didn’t know how they were going to be. When I met Coach Herron she was very nice to me though I was very nervous. The next day she instantly understood me. She would call me nicknames and let me help her do grades. I miss her alot and I hope she is doing well.  I know she is working hard on this online schoolwork so i hope this appreciation note cheers her up.


I appreciate Mrs. Garcia because she gives us a good understanding of math

By: Ellison Young

When I was a new student here at Dobie Junior High she helped me through everything I could think of. Whenever I did not know where I was going, she asked a student to help me out and made sure I went where I needed to be. Overall, her class is very welcoming and she also is an awesome teacher when it comes to explaining math and the process of solving it. She always makes me smile, and helps me if I don’t understand something. Overall, I will really miss Ms. Garcia as a math teacher.


I appreciate Ms. Jordiin because she cares about all of her students

By: Brayden Rooks

Ms. Jordiin is a really caring teacher at Dobie. She makes everything easy to understand and shows that she cares about all of her. She always had certain assignments or projects that always made the topics we were learning about more interesting. Although I don’t have her this year, because she’s a seventh grade teacher, I still talk to her if I see her.  Her classroom is very welcoming and I will always miss having her as a teacher.


I appreciate Coach Dominguez because he always makes us laugh

By: Hailey Gorzell

Coach Dominguez is always finding ways to make class fun and interesting even when we have to take tests or write vocabulary. We can always trust in his class that we are going to have a good laugh and enjoy ourselves. Our class did many skits in front of the class, or we held interviews through Zoom, and he always makes sure we are all involved, one class as one. He has taught us through so many creative ways that I am glad I chose CCR. Coach Dominguez does great things for Dobie and I appreciate his enthusiasm and sense of humor. I am definitely looking  forward to visiting him next year in 8th grade.


I appreciate Mrs. P.J. because she’s always there to help 

By: Jack Layton

Mrs.  P.J. has always been there to help and she gives clear and easy to understand instructions.I appreciate all the times Mrs. P.J. helped me improve my grade and helped me find late work. Mrs. P.J. is also a nice teacher with a strict but not too strict way of teaching her students. Ms.PJ is a good teacher, she teaches us all the things that we need to learn and is overall a fun teacher.


I appreciate Mrs. Luna because she is the calmest teacher 

By: Melayna Martinez

Mrs. Luna always keeps her classes secure and knows when to act upon students. Along with other teachers she has taken her time to create fun slideshows of notes and videos while we learn. I’ve had Mrs. Luna as a teacher for two school years in a row, and she’s always been very nice and caring to her students and me. Her classes are one of my favorites because she creates games, flashcards, or word searches to help us learn easier. She is definitely one of the top 5 teachers at Dobie to me.


I appreciate Mrs. Hecox because she helps make math easier 

By: Kaitlin O’Brien

Mrs. Hecox makes math enjoyable and fun. She always tries her best to help us understand what she’s teaching. If she thinks you are confused she asks if you want her to explain a little more. Plus she has tutoring after school once a week, so if you’re having trouble she can help with that extra step. Her lesson plans are also exciting. She adds little photo’s or she makes nice jokes during the lesson. Mrs. Hecox is a wonderful teacher.

I appreciate Ms.Clarkson because she makes math easy to understand 

By: Justus Bladen

Truthfully me and math never really got along, it was like math was that jock sitting in the back of a freshman class as a senior and I was that nerd sitting right next to him getting picked on all the time. But when I got here I got two very good teacher that understood my way of learning and made it easier to understand and one of those teachers were Ms. Clarkson. She really slowed down and simplified math and converted in a way I could easily understand it and not just grasp the top layer of it. With all this in mind I think that being able to  simplify complex things into simpler terms is what makes Ms.Clarkson a excellent teacher and I am thankful to have her as my teacher.


I appreciate Mrs. P.J. because she has helped me accomplish a lot of things

By: Jaci Anderson

Mrs. PJ has made and helped me a lot through this “year”. Without her, I wouldn’t have won 1st place in 7th grade  Modern Oratory. She trained me and gave me a lot of tips and keys on how I can do better and they worked. Then I placed again because of her in February. Comparing myself to how I wrote at the beginning of the year to before we left school, I’m impressed on how well she has taught me. I’m so glad I have her as a teacher and I just want to thank her for all she has done to help me.


I appreciate my teacher Coach Ridge 

By: Braeland McBride 

I appreciate my teacher Coach Ridge because he does a good job teaching me and others new things. Also he is my coach and one of my favorites. I also appreciate how he can be a good teacher and coach. Why I think he is such a good teacher is because he engages you to have fun and be intimate to learn. Also he is one of the nicest teachers in the school he loves to make jokes, And relate to other students. That he knows well, and that he is one of those teachers you would want to be around with in classroom lunch. Also he knows how to keep your attention on the subject whether it’s just pulling up a Kahoot! for us to have fun in.

As my coach, he is also cool because he goes hard on us only to make us better like the other coaches. Why do I appreciate him so much? Is because he can be a coach and a really good teacher and another reason is he occasionally brings his classes donuts. 


I appreciate Coach Dierschke because she goes out of her way to make me happy

By: Haley Wagner

I appreciate Coach Dierschke because she truly goes out of her way to make me happy. Her job is adrenaline pumping everyday and sometimes very stressful, it’s not everyday that she gets to wake up and say this is going to be a great day just because of the weather. One memory with her is when we were running a timed mile and I was exhausted and every time I came back around near her she would always say you got this, keep pushing through. 

I appreciate Mrs. Swanson because she makes connection with each student

By: Sarah Bonney

I am very thankful for Mrs. Swanson. During the school year she wasn’t just a good teacher she made sure to make personal connections with each one of her students. She also made sure each student was engaged and learning. We could all share our opinions without any judgment in the classroom. Thank you, Mrs. Swanson, for teaching me and making me laugh.


I appreciate Coach Pickens because she helps with problems you may have

By: Mia Hammonds

I really appreciate coach Pickens because as my basketball coach helped with the drama of basketball season, and she is probably my favorite teacher even though i’m not in her class but she gives good advice. You could always come to her with small problems or even big ones and shell talk and help you. Thank you coach pickens for being the best coach, and helping me and making my days better.


I appreciate Coach Head because she understands us

By: Madison Gastol

 No matter what the time of day is or what we’re doing, Coach Head is always there to make us laugh. From her sense of humor to her sarcasm, Coach Head knows we need to laugh sometimes. She also tries her hardest to help us and make us better, on and off the field. She will gladly announce your accomplishments and make you feel special. The girls soccer team is so lucky to have gotten such an amazing coach. Thank you.


I appreciate Coach Hadas because she takes the time to get to know her players

By: Madison Gastol

It didn’t matter that there were 40 kids on the soccer team, Coach Hadas knew all of our names. As the season progressed she learned what made us tick to help us become better players. She knew when we needed to hear it was okay and when we needed to be pushed. She’s always understanding even when you make a mistake. Thank you.


I appreciate Señora Luna because she really understands me

By: Jazzmine Govea 

No matter what time of the day it was nor how busy she was, Señora Luna was always there for me. Since Señora Luna is still very young, she really understands what a lot of teenagers go through. She also is a very good listener and gives the best advice. Señora Luna puts a lot of work into everything she gives us and she always finds a way to barely give us homework and when we do she gives us about 2-3 days to finish them because she understands that we have other things to do outside of school and other classes. I’m so grateful for having you as my teacher for 2 years in a row. Thank you.


I appreciate Coach Head because she always finds a way to brighten my mood

By: Alessandra Ramos

I am so grateful to have had Coach Head as my cross country coach, soccer coach and math teacher. It didn’t matter if I was in the classroom or on the field, she always motivated me to be the best version of myself. At my very first cross country meet, on my last lap, I felt my feet beginning to drag and I wanted to just start walking. But on the other side of the track was Coach Head cheering me on and telling me to keep on going and to not stop. I felt motivated and kept on running. There are so many things that Coach Head does for me and all her students. She has a special personality that inspires me to always work hard and not give up. From her sarcastic charm to her motivational ways, I know I can count on her to brighten my mood. Thank you Coach Head for all you do. 


I appreciate Coach Head because she is always there for us

By: Olivia Thuringer

Coach Head always pushes her students to go above and beyond weather that means more one on one time or even just having a chat. When I joined her class I didn’t realize my true potential, but Coach Head encouraged me to be “more enthusiastic” (her words) and never settle for less. She not only taught me math but she taught me how to work hard even when it feels impossible. I am forever grateful that I got to be her student, even if only for a few months. Thank you Coach Head for being there for me when I needed it most and making me laugh more times than I can count.


I appreciate Coach Hadas because she was always there for me

By: Alina Hernnandez

Coach Hadas is one of the best coaches anyone would want. She knows when to push us to do better, and when to comfort people. When I came to this school I thought it would be just like the other schools,in that the P.E./Athletics would not care about the students who were not as fit,as tall or as talkative. I was completely wrong though, because all the coaches tried to get to know you no matter what. Especially with people on their teams. I remember going to the last cross country meet, and finishing with a longer time than usual. I was upset because I thought if I didn’t get a better time than usual I wouldn’t have helped win district champs. Coach Hadas noticed and gave me a big hug saying that as long as I have gotten in front of the first 5 of at least one team I helped. To me she is the best coach I ever had!     


I appreciate Mrs. Hecox because she constantly encourages us and strives to make sure everyone excels in her class

By: Rashon Collins

I appreciate Mrs. Hecox because she is very real with her students. She isn’t afraid to let us know exactly what’s on her mind which I think is very important when placed in an environment where you want to learn and grow. When I wanted to try out for the cheerleading team at Steele High School, Mrs. Hecox was one of the first people I told. She supported me the entire way through, and was one the first to find out when I made the team! Being in her class this year has shaped me for the better, and I will forever be grateful for the experience of having her as my teacher.


I appreciate Mrs. Hecox because no matter what, she always brightens everyone’s moods and helps us improve in class

By: Tatiana Nabozny

Mrs. Hecox is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met and I am very grateful to have her as my teacher, because she genuinely cares for all of her students which I really love about her. She’s the type of person who would stop everything to help her students out, if they’re confused or just need more understanding. Without all of the class inside jokes, it would just be an ordinary math class, but she’s the glue that makes our whole class have a fun time and it just brightens everyone’s day.


I appreciate Mr. Barbee because he is amazing band teacher and helps in every way to make band fun and better

By: Larkin Martinez

Mr. Barbee always makes band fun. He has light way to enjoy the hard working subject in music. When I was struggling to play when I got braces. He found me ways to practice and get use to them. He always believed I could be a great trumpet player. He always has a bright personality in the morning. Waving at kids,saying “Good Morning”. He and Mr.Daniel always make it a safe space in the band room. My friends and I loved going in the morning and chilling in the band hall because they make us feel like there is a spot for everyone in band. I want to say thank you to Mr.Barbee and for everything he does for us band nerds. 


I appreciate Ms. Clarkson because she helps me with a lot when I’m struggling with something

By: Abigail Martinez

Ms. Clarkson is always there for me when I’m confused or need help on school work. She also gets me caught up on work when I’ve been absent on days because I’m sick. The next day I come back and she tells me what the work I missed and if we had notes in class she would let me copy from her notes. Overall she’s been an awesome and amazing teacher to me and her other students. Her way of teaching is easy for me to learn from her. When I go to her class for fourth period she sometimes stands by her door and says to her kids “good morning or good afternoon.” I appreciate her so much and for everything she does for me. I’m thankful I have her as a teacher.