Review: “The Holy Pineapple Weekly”


I’ve listened to many podcasts about unsolved crime stories and the name of it is called “Crime Junkie”. All of them are hosted by older people but the “The Holy Pineapple Weekly” is hosted by not only two people younger than me, but also two of my best friends. It’s relatable and funny to get you out of a bad mood! 

“The Holy Pineapple Weekly” hosted by Adyson Flannery and Larkin Martinez, both 7th graders, have only started recording this week. By only introducing themselves I’ve really liked……….. “Larkin and I have done a lot of research into creating our own podcast. 

“We think it’s a lot of fun and you can hear it in our voices. We just can’t stop laughing and finishing each other’s sentences!” Flannery said when I asked her about the podcast. Knowing Adyson and Larkin almost all year, they are both very talkative people that I know and know how to relate to other people their own age. 

“Just beginning to make a podcast at thirteen is very exciting! This podcast is giving Adyson and I a new experience. Our parents differently think this is something that can and will get kids to talk more and is something fun to do while being quarantined.” said Larkin. 

As I was talking to Adyson and Larkin they were saying that they are going to try to go over new topics like the difference in having no siblings and having siblings. To get more interesting topics instead of dress code. I honestly like that idea of new topics to get away from dress code and I’m also excited for their “Drama” season!

Although I think there’s nothing negative to say I do wish they had a better picture for their cover….something to make it more like them and more creative. The picture doesn’t describe the two of them the way I know them and few other people who have listened to the podcast as well. One other thing I do think it would be a little bit more energetic in the beginning by adding a more energetic introduction. Other than that I think the podcast will succeed and people will enjoy it.