Dates for Dobie dances set


Valeria Gonzalez

Every year at Dobie there’s two dances: a fall and spring dance. The dates are set. They will be held on December 9th and February 10th from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm.

Some people right off the bat don’t care and won’t bother thinking about going while some other people just out of simple curiosity will go or just want to get to know the experience.

Kolbie Chase, 8th grader, said this about going this year, “Yes, because I get to see my friends. It helps the school gain some money so we can have better things. Plus I mean it’s something to do other than the same old routine.”

Many students don’t know what they should wear to a simple middle school dance.  Some just want to have an excuse to dress up while others just don’t bother trying and are causal. But then their thoughts haunt them with billions of questions if it does or doesn’t fit the occasion or the school dress code.

Mallory Urbina, 8th grader, said she is already considering what the wear: “I’ll probably wear a dress but if I don’t have one, I’ll just wear regular clothing that I wear at school.”

Some students love the music or dancing, while others love being in big crowds or being with all of their friends. Sometimes students don’t know what to do, but they should just focus on having fun.

Urbina said she is comfortable at dances. “ I just like to talk, hang out with my friends and have fun,” she said, adding that she looks forward to hanging out with her friends Ashley or Payton

Even if it’s a pretty cool experience there’s always room for improvement. “Um… I think they should let kids be out of dress code for once. Some people have really cute outfits but they can’t wear it because it doesn’t respect the dress code,” Urbina said.

Many students want to hang out with someone at the dance, whether it’s a cute date or just chilling with their friends or wanting to meet new people. “I would like to go with my crush of course,” Chase said. 

At the end, school dances can be very fun and surprising. Once you get there you see lights, a dance floor and a DJ . There’s a food stand and a lot of of dancing and excitement, especially when the dance floor crowds around to watch really talented dancers.