New Video: See a preview of the yearbook

There are still yearbooks available to purchase; order online


For the first time, a Dobie yearbook video shares a preview of every page of this year’s yearbook along with other memories. This year’s Dobie Yearbook Class, with assistance of the Journalism I classes, created a 140-page yearbook that shares the story of J. Frank Dobie Jr. High’s 2019-2020 school year.

The yearbook was mostly completed before Spring Break; the only spread that was planned that is not included in the yearbook is the Track spread because the Track season didn’t happen. That spread was replaced with a COVID-19 timeline spread.

Yearbooks were delayed, but should be delivered soon. All other questions should be directed to Mrs. Preyor-Johnson via email:

The theme, decided in September by students in Yearbook Class, is “Connected”. The theme focuses on relationships and connections among students and staff. “It’s ironic that students developed the theme of ‘Connected’ before anyone knew COVID-19 would separate us,” said Mrs. Preyor-Johnson (Mrs. P.J.), J. Frank Dobie Jr. High School yearbook and journalism teacher. “I think it’s perfect, even now. Our world is very different, but we are all connected and we always will be. I am proud of all students who helped put this book together this year,” said Mrs. P.J. “Now more than ever it’s important to stay positive and remember the good times and look forward to a brighter future where we can all make new memories.”

Watch the yearbook preview video:

There are still yearbooks available

Yearbooks must be purchased online. There are currently only 83 yearbooks left to purchase. A payment plan is available at no additional cost (and students can get their yearbooks before fully paying for them). The yearbooks will be delivered soon and we will let everyone know (via email from administrators and social media) when you can pick them up. Order the yearbook on the Jostens website until they are sold out.