Personal View: Dobie as we know it


Everyone has memories of Dobie whether you’re a 7th grader or an 8th grader or maybe even a teacher.  The endless smiles or the passing of a math test. Now the story of COVID-19 will live on as we know it. I mean we are living right now but don’t let the memories of this school year go with that. This school was one special one. 

Think back to the first day of school. How excited or nervous you were but that feeling of seeing your friends and hanging at lunch. Wasn’t that just great to talk and socialize? COVID-19 may have stained 2020 but 2020 isn’t over. Not seeing people and just at your house can get boring, I know were all at that state. Thinking back to the school year I mean wasn’t fun? 

If you haven’t  seen the yearbook on Dobie news. Go check it out because looking at  all those pictures and videos are nice to see how many smiles were shared and how many moments we all want to go back. Yes there are people that may have not liked school but there’s always a good thing about school too. Did someone make your day or did you pass a test or made a team. 

I hope y’all enjoyed the school year even if we never got to finish it. To the 7th graders there’s always next year to drive the teachers crazy and there’s always time to make more memories at Dobie. To the 8th graders I hope all your dreams come true in high school and hope y’all had an amazing ride at Dobie jr high. To the teachers y’all made us think and learn and remember stuff but everything y’all did to make us pass your class is truly and blessing to have. 

So don’t remember this school year as 2020 COVID-19. Remember it as the year you made it.