Soundtrack of their life (The Quarantine Edition)

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Music has always been a source of comfort and that’s probably even more true during this current quarantine and remote learning. Some of Mrs. P.J.’s journalism students shared the songs — the soundtrack of their lives– during quarantine.

Soundtrack of My Life

By: Rachel Reyman

Today Today – by Jack Stauber

Today Today is a song about having one of those days where nothing significant happens, or rather nothing happens at all. I feel like that everyday of quarantine. I don’t really do anything, everyday is just the same schedule for my whole family. It just gets really boring. Lyrics:


Merry-Go Round Of Life – by Joe Hisaishi and Roberto Bravo, from the movie soundtrack ‘Howl’s Moving Castle’

Merry-Go Round Of Life doesn’t have any lyrics, but I interpret it to be a song about just like a merry go round, life has its ups and downs. Right now is definitely not the best year, but I believe we just have to wait for the horse to go back up. Lyrics:

We Are Family – by Sister Sledge 

 Due to the Coronavirus, most of my siblings are staying with us for a while. So naturally, I thought of this song. I’m happy that I get to see my siblings which I usually only get to see once or twice a year. We get to spend lots of time together, so it’s one positive point out of all this. 🙂



Soundtrack of my life

By: Larkin Martinez

1.) Sunday Best by Surfaces. I love this song and it has such a positive vibe to it and 110% recommend this song if you’re feeling down or you just have a feeling to dance. This song puts me into a good mood in the morning.


2.) You Need To Calm Down by Taylor Swift. This song can be about  whatever you want it to be. If there’s haters ignore them and jam out to your own beat. I love this song, it just shows that you can be whatever you want and love yourself because yes there are haters but don’t listen to them and just be you.


3.) Good Day by Surfaces. This song has such an amazing beat. I mean it’s just about having a good day and enjoying life. Keep the smiles on and love life. One of the best songs if you’re feeling happy or just chilling to music.


Soundtrack of my life 

By: Shaylin Silva

These are a few songs that represent how my life is going at the moment. As well as how I’m feeling during this pandemic. I chose little talks because my mother called just the other day for my brother’s birthday and sent him some money, but she didn’t even text me on mine. My dad reminded me to not listen to her and that I don’t need her to be happy. 

Run the world (girls) was one of my choices because me and my step mom have been doing everything around the house while my dad and brothers just sit back and do nothing. I think The lazy song one is really obvious. I chose this one because everyday I wake up I feel like doing nothing. It feels like I’m stuck in a loop.


Little talks – of monsters and men


Run the world (girls) – beyonce


The lazy song – bruno mars


Go stupid polo g stunna 4 vegas nle choppa


Soundtrack of my life

By: Nianna Shaffer

I’m still standing- From the movie Sing, sung by Taron Egerton

I think the title says it all. This song is very catchy and even though we are going through a tough time, I’m still standing 🙂


I just wanna shine- By Fitz and the Tantrums

This song is about rising to the top and overcoming today’s challenges and obstacles. It’s also about staying positive about everything even when things are going rough. Don’t let yesterday ruin today 🙂


Feeling good (two versions. One by Michael Buble and one by Nina Simone)

Goodness me! These songs get me all hyped up and ‘feeling good’. Michael’s version is a remix/cover of Nina Simone’s, the trumpets in the cover song has AMAZING trumpet players. Being in band, they give me the goose bumps but like in a good way. I recommend this 110%


La Di Da- By Lennon Stella

I’ve listened to Lennon and her music since forever! Her songs make me think really deep and makes me realize things and they’re really catchy too! This song I think is about a breakup. Even though I’ve never dated, I think it’s a song for anyone and everyone.


Best Friend- By Sofi Tukker, NERVO, The Knocks, and Alisha Ueno

Talk about being pumped up and energetic! This song is about being best friends and how you and your best friend will stay together forever and how you get and understand each other. Don’t mistake the title for a slow sappy song because with just one listen, you’ll be bopping your head and listening to this song on repeat 😉

Stuck with you by ariana grande and justin bieber


The soundtrack of my life

By: Alessandra Ramos

In My Dreams- Kali Uchis

“I’m feeling happy inside, got no reason to hide. I’m a dream girl.”

This is my go to song when I am feeling stressed out. The lyrics, the sound of her voice, and unique beat takes me to another space and time. 


Lose Yourself- Eminem 

Success is my only option, failure’s not.”

This song always helps me get through my workouts. Because of quarantine I find myself working out more often. The lyrics help me finish my morning runs stronger.


Glitter- Tyler, The Creator

I feel like glitter, and every time you come around I feel like glitter.” 

This song makes me dance like nobody’s watching! It’s THAT good. During these weird times, it’s good to let loose every once and awhile. 


The Soundtrack of my life

By: Kaitlyn Ngo

Thanks to you song – GHOST 

An album of just a few of my favorite songs, honestly, GHOST’s songs are just really… a mood? I’ve just been listening to these for the past Quarantine days, and sometimes I just listen to these songs to set the mood.