VIDEO: Students Talk Coronavirus and Dealing With Boredom

I’m bored. A phrase a lot of us have been saying more and more often now. With nothing better to do but binge watch episodes of Tiger King or memorize every line of every Star Wars movie, and with nowhere to go, it’s kinda hard not to be bored.

So I recently did some interviews with three different students from Dobie Jr. High to ask them some questions in regards to how they’ve been passing the time and how they’ve been dealing with their boredom.

I also asked them how they felt about the current quarantine situation and found out some of the ways that this pandemic has personally affected each of them. All three interviewees gave me great answers to the above questions and more.

Despite some technical difficulties at first (I ended up having to use a family computer that doesn’t have the greatest camera in order to record over Zoom), the interviews turned out pretty good in the end. Shout out to Cleofas Soto, Solomon Wiseman, both 8th, and Masyn Caramello, 7th, for being so cooperative and helping me out with this.

If you want to check out what each of the students had to say about the topic, you can click on the link below to watch the full video on the official Dobie News YouTube channel!