In their words: Dobie students show appreciation for their mothers (and mother-figures)

Mother’s Day was May 10


Some students in Mrs. P.J.’s journalism and yearbook classes chose to reflect and write about what makes them appreciate mothers and (and people who have have a role of a mother) in their lives. 


Thank you for everything mom

By: Jaeden Cannon

My mom showed me how to handle life as I got older. She helped provide for and take care of me in the toughest of times. She has always been someone I can turn to when something is going wrong in my life. She was always very big on me making my own decisions, so when I was 12 she embraced my choice to move to Texas to be closer to my dad. Ever since then, we have always kept in touch and I’ve been going to see her on special occasions. My mom will always be a pillar in my life to hold me up. She amazes me in so many different ways and I appreciate her so much. Mom, I have no idea how you raised me and my sister by yourself, especially seeing how much of a handful we were. I just wanna thank you for keeping me and my sister safe and fed. I love you mom. 


Even when she’s stressed, she gets by quickly and when i’m having a problem she’s there for me 

By: Alex VanDierendonk

Now on many occasions I deeply love my mom and she doesn’t go through any stress until a few days but she got through it, now I as a person have also gone through a ton of stress but even though I tried to get through them I still failed to success but my mom helped me get through with it and I truly thank her for that and that I really love her for that because she is a great person and I love her. All I gotta say is Love ya mom and thank you for helping me through the hard times.

Thanks mom 

By: Kody May

My mom clothed me, fed me, and loved me unconditionally. She has taught me to care for things. She also taught me what life is all about. I like that she will help me when I really need it. She does an incredible job at where she works and being a mom. Thank you mom for teaching me and giving me a good life, happy Mother’s Day.


I appreciate everything you do for me mom

By: Tyler Welborn

My mom has taught me the goods and bads of life and also taught me how to handle the bads in life. She’s always been the one real friend I have and she’s always been there for me. It’s crazy how she manages me and my sister, although she does an amazing job at what she does. I know i can talk to her about anything and she will give me her true thoughts and opinions. She has inspired me to do so many great things that I never knew I could achieve. Thank you for everything mom. I love you


Thank you for showing me how important family is

By: Michaela Wray

My mom has been through many difficulties in her life. She went from having 2 kids and barely any money to spend but still holding on for her family to 3 kids enough money to buy a house and living close to all her family. She always taught me that if anything would go wrong I could always go to my family. When you think everything has gone to pieces you will always have family. When it felt like there was nothing else to do with life my mom was always standing there with her arms open waiting for me to jump into her arms. Thank you for showing me how important family is. I love you.


Sometimes my mom plays with me     

By: Alexis Rodriguez 

When I ask my mom to play with me she  plays with me.


Mother’s Day

By: Kaden Troxler

I love my mom for teaching how to do most of the things I do now. My mom was always willing to help me in every way she could. When I was born she said she had to quit her job to raise me and ever since then she has been teaching me about almost everything most people know about now. Also ever since then she hasn’t been trying to get a job after she quit. Other than that, we’ve been on a family trip to a drive In zoo and it was great!


Thank you mom

By: Emma Ybanez

Thank you mom, for everything you have ever done for me, thank you for taking care of me and my siblings. You have helped me with all my troubles, you would do anything to make my life better, and anyone else’s. You make everything better.

You’re always there to help me

By: Arianna Fisher 

My mom is there whenever she can. She is someone who I look up to and is one of the best people in my life. She takes a huge part in my life, she supports me and even on her bad days she always finds a way to help others. My mom is always trying to find a way to make everyone happy in some type of way. I love you mom and thank you for being there for me when I need you.


I am so thankful to have the mothers I have today

By: Jazlyn Garcia

When I was little my parents got divorced when I was about 5. And I am so glad they did because otherwise, I wouldn’t have met my stepmom. Both my mom and my stepmom are so supportive and have always been there for me. I live with my stepmom and dad, and I visit my mom on the weekends. My mom is so so sweet. She says she would do anything to put a smile on our faces. Recently she moved down to San Antonio so she could see us more, and she would do anything to make us happy. And my stepmom makes rules and standards for us so we can grow up into a strong human being. Because of the coronavirus, she started setting rules, and being more strict. For example she started making us go outside everyday for an hour so we are healthy and get vitamin D.  I am so thankful to have the mothers I have today.


A stressed out, working single mom

By: Avery Hirsch

My mom is my hero. She is my role model. Yes, we have arguments, but that’s a part of every healthy relationship. I admire her not only for being the single mom of two kids, but for also having a highly stress-inducing job as a high school vice principal. She hounds me and gets texts for having any grades under 90%, but as I get older, I now understand why she does it: She does it to give me my best chance in life. And I appreciate her for that and all of the known and unknown sacrifices she has made for my little brother and I. I love you Mom, and thank you for everything.


Thank you mom, for always being there to make me smile and comfort me

By: Mia Rodriguez

I think that a mother-child bond is something that cannot be replicated, because mothers are loving, caring, and kind to their kids. The love my mom gives me is something I will cherish throughout my life. She knows how to cheer me up when I’m not feeling well and she has done so many things for me. She puts effort into making sure I succeed and helps me when I don’t know how to. And even though we have our disagreements sometimes, in the end we realize that that’s just part of life, and that no argument can take away the love we have for each other. Thank you so much mom, and I love you!


Thank you for everything you’ve done to make me the p[erson I am today

By: Katlyn Thomas

I love and appreciate my mom more than most people because no matter how much of a pain I can be she always loves me and even though we fight sometimes we always forgive each other. My mom tries her best, even when all odds are stacked against her, she’s always tried as hard as she could to make sure me and Olivia (my sister) have food and a roof over our heads and clothes on our back. She works hard at work and home while still finding ways to put up with me and all my troubles. I love my mom cause no matter what I know she’ll always be there for me and she’ll always love me. Thank you for everything mom, I love you!


Thank you mom for all that you do

By: Jayla Doane

I think that you’re very strong as a person and very wise. Strong for dealing with your four kids and husband who isn’t as empathetic as you. You still make things work and I’m glad I got that empathy from you. I’m glad that you still love all of us unconditionally through all the yelling and running and screaming and arguing. I’m glad that you support us in our interests and push us to be out there, (even though I don’t and won’t ever like it). I’m glad that you’re my mom.


These words will never be enough to tell you how much I appreciate my mom

By: Caleb Mouser

My mom and I are very much alike and because of this, we argue all the time. We disagree about every little thing you could possibly disagree about. In fact, most of the time if you asked me, I’d tell you that I’d be better off without her. But the truth is that I wouldn’t be who I am and where I am now without her. My mom is not just an excellent role model of what a good leader should look like, she’s also a really strong, brave and inspiring woman. She’s a fighter who’d do anything for the family she loves. She’s always been there for us, and she’s always taken care of us. Cooking, looking after us, keeping us safe. It’s not easy being the mother of four hyper-active sons and a sassy daughter, even with help from our dad, but she still finds a way to do it. Even though I sometimes view her as strict, uptight and annoying I know that she only wants the best for me and my younger siblings. And honestly, she’s a pretty fun mom and always makes my day better with a great meal or with some Hispanic dance (she’s Latina) or even with just a simple, beautiful smile. Words cannot describe how much I appreciate everything my mother has done for me and for my family. She has such a big heart and is always looking to help others. She helps me see the light when all I see is darkness. And I know that everything she does, she does it always with her family in mind. Working two jobs to keep bills paid. Doing everything she can to keep us happy and healthy. Showing us that she truly cares for us. She’s a hard-worker and inspires me to be the best I can be. I LOVE YOU MOM KEEP DOING YOU AND KEEP BEING THE GREATEST!!


Thank you for everything. Love and appreciate you!

By : Jenalyse Quiles

My mom has sacrificed so much for my family. She’s one of the greatest moms you could ever ask for. She’s constantly pushing us to be the best versions of ourselves. She does so much, from cooking and cleaning, to heart to heart conversations that help me through the toughest of moments. She would do anything for her kids. She keeps us healthy, and takes us to all our dentist and doctors appointments.  She creates a safe space. She makes a house a home. She’s the glue that keeps this family together. One thing I love about her, is she’s so sweet, and supports anything I do. She is my number one supporter, and I’m hers. She is the sweetest soul. For example, I have plenty of friends who have to walk home on either extremely hot, and freezing days. Not one day did she hesitate to offer them a ride home. Sometimes, it can be really hard though. She is a stay-at-home mom, and my dad is at work around the same hours I’m at school. She desperately wants to go back to work, but she can’t. My baby brother isn’t in school yet, so she is patiently waiting. She is so beautiful and intelligent. She deserves the world! This Mother’s Day, I couldn’t do much for her, considering the pandemic, and me being 14 years old. I managed to get her a bouquet of flowers, made her a painting, and got her, her favorite candy. When I have the money, and I’m older though, I am going to take her on a mom/daughter trip to Ecuador. It’s where her dad is from. I’m 25% Ecuadorian, but we’ve never been able to go. We have a toddler, and we can’t afford it, but she’s always wanted to go. One day I will take her, I owe it to her. I can’t explain how much I love, and appreciate her! Happy Mothers Day!



By: Kiley Legget

My mom has sacrificed everything for me. When she was 20 she realized she was pregnant with me which means her whole life would change. She gave up college and started working multiple jobs just so she could keep me and make sure I was healthy. During her day she would never get to see me during the day, my grandmother would get me ready, feed me, take me to daycare and put me to bed. This was rough for my mother but she pushed through it until she was stable enough to be with me all the time and I appreciate everything she does. I couldn’t ask for a better mom. Some days yes she has bad ones and we argue but others we go to the store and almost get kicked out cause we are acting like children and that is ok because we are happy. I love her more than anybody could imagine and I remind her she is amazing and loved and no words will ever express how much I love her. Happy Mothers Day! <3


Thank you for everything

By: Nikki Houston

I’m very thankful to have my mom in my life. She’s proven to me that anything is possible. She went from doing drugs to becoming a real estate agent. She’s proven a lot to me in the last 14 years. I’m forever grateful for her. I love you more than anything



By: Nia Mitchell

My mother is someone I truly love and admire so i just can’t talk about her like it’s nothing, but for the sake of it I will try to. Like I said I really adored her, since I was a child I knew that she was the embodiment of a woman but that’s not all, she is one of the most sophisticated, most admirable, most respected plus classiest women I know. I know you’re probably thinking “You’re just complimenting her?” And heck I’m probably am, but seriously I really do mean every last word, if my mom wasn’t here I’d probably wouldn’t last two seconds.

So yeah, I really adore and love my mom very much that I can’t think of anything else to say because words aren’t enough to express myself. Anyway HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!!!


Mothers Day

By: Winter Leslie 

My mom has put so much into my family. She has been through so much like health issues, bad relationships, and more. She cares so much about everybody she knows. She can be very strict and mean, but that only because she wants what’s best for me. She is always there when i need her and she is always a positive person. I love my mom so much and I couldn’t imagine life without her.


I love you moms

By: Anthony Morris      

My mom is a hero, not only to me, but for the whole country. My mom has served in the Navy for over 20 years. She has had to balance work and family time for my whole life and I know that has been tough. She is very supportive of everything I do. She is an all around positive role model. She has her rough day but doesn’t everybody. She is definitely working to become the best she can be. Happy Mothers day Mom and have a great week. 


Thank you to the best mom ever

By: Chandler Stewart

Thank you mom for being there when I needed you most. I also wanna thank you for helping my dad especially when he was at his lowest. You have done so much for me ever since we moved down here. You have given me everything I ever wanted and more. I know raising a smart alic like me isn’t the easiest. But I want to thank you for sticking around even when it gets tense between us and I smart off at you. Love you mom and I’m glad you’re the one raising me even when I think you’re the worst cause you take away my phone. 


Thank you mom for being there for me

By: Daisy Savusa

Thank you mom for always understanding me when no one could. You never failed to put a smile on my face when I was sad and alone. I thank you for everything you have done for me and I know a mother’s job is very hard. You were there to understand me even though I am a hard headed child. I know you are so hard on me to make me better for the future and I am grateful for that. Thank you for understanding, taking care of me, loving me, being there, and always there to lighten up my day. Happy Mothers day Mom and I love you.


Mothers Day

By: Allura Lugo

This Mother’s Day I woke up early and decided to make my mother/family breakfast. I started by making rice and added sausage to it. Then I made waffle batter and added chocolate chip cookies to it. And made waffles in the waffle thingy. Then I put some chocolate bars in the mini crock pot so it would melt to make chocolate covered strawberries. Then I made bacon and hash browns. My mom loved it all and was so thankful and happy. Then we spent the day in our backyard by the pool and hot tub in floaties.


Thanks mom for everything

By: Jacie Horn

My mom is a hero and a survivor. When I was about some odd months old, I almost died from a sickness that nearly killed me. And when I was 1 years old I almost died again. When the doctors told my mom, “if you’ve gotten here even a minute later she would’ve died,” my mother burst into tears. And how she’s a survivor; she had cancer and fought through it and she had tons of other problems that caused her to be sick and what not. But because of my mom’s bravery and compassion I’m here today healthy and breathing. I wouldn’t be alive if it wasn’t for her. She risked her whole life for me and my brother and sisters. Everyday she’s fighting and because of her never giving up,i’ve decided that if i give up there would be no reason but I keep fighting something good will happen and you’ll never wanna stop. I love you momma.


Mom works hard and makes me smile!

By: Ellison Young

My mom is literally an amazing and hard-working woman. We also make each other happy, and she is an amazing role model. She always asks me my opinions on stuff, and it really shows how much she trusts me. Being a mom seems difficult at times, but she somehow manages to be one amazing and unique mom. I don’t think I could ever ask for better. She inspires me to never give up on my dreams, and always is there for me when I need her. I’d also like to say Happy Mother’s Day to all moms or any women guardians who live with you!


An amazing, wonderful single mom!

By: Aaliyah Malik Aranda

My mom is a great mother of two girls. She works a hard job as a first responder on CPS. She’s always stressed out about work and never has anytime to sit and relax. She means the world to me and if I ever lost her I don’t know what I would do. She works so hard to make sure my sister and I are happy. She inspires us and makes sure we never give up on anything. My mom always tells my sister and I that “if your mind is set on something don’t ever give up on it.” Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers and woman guardians that are mother role models!!! We love you! 


Happy Mothers Day

By: Janea Francis

Happy mothers day mom. You are the best at everything and anything. You somehow manage to take care of 4 kids but i don’t know how you do it. You never fail to impress me. You will always be my mom forever and I love you no matter what.


A strong and brave woman, Mom

By: Micaiah Hubbard

My mom is always there when I need her the most. She was there for me when I was younger and still is to this day. She has worked very hard everyday to provide for me and my sister and I admire her for that. I hope that when I become a mother I am just as brave as her and strong. I hope she knows just how much I love her and admire her so much. She has taught me and my sister so much about life and I appreciate her for that. I’m so blessed that I have a mom that great.


Thank you for everything you’ve done for me

By: Madyson Rivera

I love my mom so much, she is so many things to me, but the most important thing is that she was the first teacher I ever had. I have learned many things from her but the most important thing was not to let your doubts get in the way of what you can do. I’ve always come back to this whenever I’m feeling I can’t do something because it just reminds me that if I keep letting it get in the way then we won’t accomplish anything. My mother has taught me many things over the years that I’m glad I learned before it was too late. She has also made me it into the independent person I am today. I am so grateful that I have a fun loving mother that has helped me along the way no matter what. I love you with all my heart!


Thank you for being you !

By: Bailey Rueda

I love my mom in every way. She is the best role model. She is fun but still strict. She always makes time for me and my brother. We play games together and watch movies together. She will even try Tik Tok dances with  me. My mom has taught me how to cook and how to be kind to people. She always reminds me to give people the benefit of the doubt! When I become a mother, I aspire to even be half the mother she is. She works hard and always is there for me, always, no matter what. She makes me believe in myself and always strive for the best. She builds me up and is my number one  fan. I like all of the tv shows we watch together. She has taught me to always pick myself up. I love you mom and thank you for being you! 


Thank you mom, for always being there

By: Kennedi Davis

I love my mom because I can honestly say that she has been here for me since day one. Her and my step dad have always been there for me and have never stopped loving me. My dad stopped loving me in 2018 and my mom and step dad helped me get through that. Even when I would try and close myself off from the world my mom would somehow always make me open up. Mom, thank you for being there for me when I most needed you. 


Thank you momma for everything you do

By: Katie Mueller

Something I can say without any hesitation ever is I love my mom. Everyone has been saying this but she really is always there for me, even if I try to push everyone away she’s always open to talk and listen to my 13 year old problems. She has always fought to give my siblings and me the very best she possibly can no matter the situation she’s in or the kind of day she’s had. Whether it’s driving all the way down to Laredo every week to watch my brother’s son or it’s walking down the hallway to help me with my dreaded math homework we can always count on her. Someday when I’m older I can only pray that I’m as good a woman and a mom as her. There’s so much more I could say to thank her and talk about her but for now we’ll leave it at i love you. So to her and every mother out there Happy Mothers Day!


The sweetest and best mom I could ask for 

 Mothers day should be every day because i can not explain the amount of care and love my mom has given since the day i was born , she’s my number one fan and has been there for me when i felt alone and sad we’ve been through thick n thin but we still got through everything she’s provided for me in tough time and i am grateful forever for her for that even if we’re apart right now you’ll forever be in my heart


Thank you mom for doing what you do

By Simon Parrish

My mom has always been there to comfort me when I’m sad or when I’m mad. She has always cared about me even when I may have not been my best self. My mom has also been very supportive of me, and has always supported the decisions she thought I would like or I seemed very committed to. She has provided for me for the last 13 very close to 14 years with a house, food, clothes, and her love. She has always been there for my brothers as well, and taking care of 4 children is definitely not easy. My mom is the only mom I could’ve ever asked for and for tat I thank her.


Thank you mom for being the best mother anyone could ask for

By Brayden Rooks

My mom is someone that I know will always be in my life. I can talk to her whenever I need to and she will always be there to listen. She always supports me and believes that I can achieve anything that I put my mind to. She has shown me that no matter what problems I go through, I can get through them and accomplish what I need to. My mom has gone through so much to get to where she is today. She has lived such a long, full life in such a short amount of time. She still has so much to accomplish in her life, and I know that I will be there when she does. I love my mom with all of my heart and I could never thank her enough for everything that she has done for me. 


Thank you mom for being there for and caring for me

By: Michael Kiser

My mom is the best thing that has ever happened to me. She encourages me through everything I’ve been through.She always came to every game I’ve ever had. She has supported me through every decision I’ve made. My mom has been through alot I try to help as much as I can. She really is the best mom you can ever have. I miss you mom I hope you stay love you mom.


I Love You Mom

By: Antonio Padilla 

Ever since I was born she was there to first hold me. The first one to comfort me at birth and the first one to throw love at me. Every meal and privilege and opportunity she has given me I will cherish for all of my life and I will do my best to give back to you knowing it won’t ever add up to what you’ve done for me. She has been there every step of the way and I will always look up to you and make sure you’re doing ok when I can. You are what keeps me and our family in balance and I can’t imagine my life without you.


You do so much for me mom

By: Jaci Anderson

My mom is the sweetest person, even though we have our troubles, we are always brought back together. She will do anything for me, as well as I would for her. My mom will always go to extreme measures to make sure I’m okay and or happy. She is my biggest supporter and always gives me advice to do better. She teaches me so much, and how to use my manners and to always be polite to others. She is amazing, and she loves me no matter what. I love her.


Thanks for all the support

By: Justus Bladen

I’d like to start this off by saying happy mothers day mom and to all other mothers. I’ve got to say although I am not easy to deal with sometimes, thanks for supporting me in the tough times. I don’t think I would be where I am today if you didn’t push me to do better and take risks while being ready in case of it backfiring. But most of all thanks for listening, I know that in case of maturity I am very mature for someone my age and that can be hard to listen to because it’s usually not things you’d hear from a 8-14 year old but I needed someone to listen and you gave me that. Thank you very much for everything and Happy Mothers Day.


Thank you for everything

By: Michael Layton

My mom has always been there for me even when I didn’t want her there. She always has my back. I wish I could show her my appreciation but this is as close as she’ll  get tho. Thank u for all you’ve done for me Happy mothers day. 


Thanks mom for everything you do

By: Carson Wolbert

My mom is always there to help me when I need it or not. She is the best at helping others and she knows what I need and always is there for me through tough times and clear skies, and I want her to know she is the Sun when I’m in the rain. Love you mom.

Thanks mom for everything you do

By: Nora Creel

My mom has always been there for me. She’d kiss my scraped knees, braid my hair, make dark and morbid jokes with me. She is my best friend. She never got mad or frustrated at me and rather let me figure things out for myself. She’d take me to Sonic when things got too stressful, then take me shopping on her day off because I earned babysitting money a week prior. Even when I was supposed to be laughing and hanging out with my friends she always laughs along and isn’t afraid to comment if the conversation got more personal, or how ever personal a middle schoolers gossip could be. She screams at the top of her lungs with me as we listen to our favorite songs, and is always there to listen to me when I am having a bad day. I love you mom. And I want you to know that I will always be there for you like you were there for me. No matter how old I get.


Thank you mom for always being with me and caring for me

By: Hailey Gorzell

My mom is one of the best people in the world. She would do anything for me, buy anything for me, and she treats me like a princess even when I don’t deserve it or talk back. We love to shop together, and gossip, and get our nails done, and we love to make things and spend time together. We’re always making wreaths, scrapbooking, cooking, or doing Girl Scouts together. My mom always makes me the best deserts, and we love to go on vacation and spend time together. She is always there for me, and is always supporting my every move. She is more than just my mom, she is my best friend, a teacher, and above all else my supporter. My mom is super smart, and we love to watch movies together and dance. I love my mom, and I hope she had the best Mother’s Day ever.


Thank you mom for everything you do

By: Berlin Jenkins

My mom is so very important to me. She helps me with everything I need. Sometimes we bicker and fight and argue but that’s ok because she loves me no matter what. And I know she can be strict but that’s only because she wants the best for me.  I Love you mom.


Happy Mothers Day

By: Braeland McBride

My mom helps with things from school to home and she helps with everything I need. And that she is always nice with my friends. I will love her and she will always love me. And she tries to understand everything I tell her. You are the best mom anyone can have.


Thank you mom

By: Kaitlin O’Brien

My mom is very special to me because she’s always there. Whenever I have problems with school or anything in general. If I need to talk she’s there. I know we don’t always see eye to eye, but that’s what makes her the best. She keeps me sane and I know she’ll always care. Thank you mom.


Thank you mom

By: Riley Thompson

My mom is a very special hard working woman, she taught me that you have to work for everything in life and that was something that i think everyone should learn by now. She’s also my best friend. I tell her everything; we honestly have the best mom and son relationship ever.


Thank you mom

By: Natalie DeLeon

My Mom is probably the kindest person I have ever met. From when she’s cheering me on at baton twirling practice to making me my favorite meal, she always tries to make me the happiest teenager in the world. I hope that someday I will be able to be like her when I grow up and make her proud. Until then though I will thank her, so thank you mom for always loving me even though we sometimes make each other crazy.


To the best mom

By: Jasmyn Martinez

My mom is someone who will always be by your side throughout everything. She always makes sure to give her love equally to her kids and is very kind hearted. Me and my mom always hang out even if we have nothing to do we watch a movie or cook dinner for our family.She is the only person who understands me and always has a smile on her face even through hard times.Thank you mom for being you.


To my mom

By: Mary Christine Ngomba

Mother’s day, a holiday in honor of mothers that is celebrated in countries throughout the world. This year, I didn’t get to spend time with my mom. I  ended up spending time with my auntie and it was great but later on I called my mom to just to wish her a happy Mother’s Day and it was great. I felt good just saying “Happy Mother’s Day.” It made my dad and I am sure it made hers too. Mom, you are a good mother. I hope you enjoy Mother’s Day. 



By: Emma Alfred

Thank you for being there when no one else was; thank you for taking care of me.

My mom is one of the best people I have ever met because she stays by my side when I break down and cry or when I’m mad she never left, or gave up on me or my 2 older brothers so mom thank you for being one of the only people I can count on.


Thank you for supporting and loving me

By: Melayna Martinez

I want to thank you for helping me through hard times and making sure I’m ok. You always care for me when I am feeling down, and put food on the table with a roof over our heads. You are my #1 role model and will continue to teach me to always be kind and loving. I appreciate you everyday for the love you show to our family and me. Happy Mother’s Day to the best mom out there, I love you!


Thanks you mom for putting up with me

By. Jade Dominguez 


Thank you for being there and trusting me to do things on my own. I appreciate everything you do and what you give me. I know I’m a brat sometimes but you still put up with me. And I really appreciate that you just tell me to chill out and not get mad. Thank you mom for everything you do. Love you!


I love you moms

by: Aaliyah Hernandez

I love you so much moms, you are always there for me when i feel sad, and i love when we can play around with each other and we can just have fun at some points, even though yall are going to have two little ones running around, i know that yall are going to take care of them like yall did with me.


I love my mom

By: Aidan Callow

I love my mom so much that if she were to leave I would follow and do what she would have led me to do. I’m so appreciative of my mom that whenever my friends come over I pay for their food and their drinks.I love you mom.


Thanks for always being there for me mom

By: ZaQuila Petit 

My mom showed me to stand up for others when they were feeling down and to never let people who talk about you bring you down. She protects me and loves me which is something I know I can always count on. My mom has done everything to keep me happy and proud of myself. She’s my biggest supporter and the person I know who’ll always show up at my games and cheer me on. My mom works non-stop to make sure me and my siblings have a roof over my head, clothes on my back, and a healthy lifestyle. I love my mom so much I’d do anything for her! 


My Mother is the best mom ever

By Lindsey Boyd 

My Mother is the best mom ever, in my opinion, she is just as sweet as ice cream. She is super smart, kind,caring and all over the above. I literally could never get this much love from anybody else, She’s gonna be my friend through everything, Through thick and thin. My mom will always be there for all of- most of my life. 

She is the one reason I chase my dreams, she’s like my backbone. She’ll always be there for me and my sister, Brianna. Even though she might be strict at times it’s good for us and she knows that. It’s important that she is there for me, without her care I’d always be in my room just chilling.

Me and my mom have been through a lot then other families- yes I know that’s a lot to say but some families don’t go through too much. Even though I’m going to be a teen and most of the time teens can be a little harsh to their parents, I know because I had to watch that with my older sister. Once you figure out what you like to do or who you like to hang out with, it makes it a lot better and you start to know what you like to do.

Without moms we would not be alive nor would we have such a great future. She is helping me figure out what I want to be when I slowly grow up, she helps me spell when I don’t know something, she is there when I’m sad, or when I’m mad. All in all she’s gonna be there for me always and forever. I know you would say the same about you mom.

Moms in my opinion being a girl, I just think that sometimes dads aren’t there for more of the important parts, in a girl’s life. Well I’m not just saying that moms in general I’m saying that all mother figures as well are amazing. 


Thank you mom for always putting others first

By: Sarah Bonney

Throughout my life my mom has always been so selfless. She has always thought of other people first and never herself. She genuinely cares for everyone she meets and always does the right thing. She is the purest person I’ve ever met. She loves me everyday for who I am and she’s an amazing mom. She’s taught me to always love people for who they are and always care for others. I love you momma.


You are the best

By: Haley Wagner

I love you sooooo much and hope you are happy. You are the best mom I ever could have asked for. If 3 different moms were standing in front of me, you would be the only one I would pick. I love you sooo much, words can’t even describe how much i love you. If money,you, and food were all drowning I would always pick you, because you are amazing and I couldn’t ask for a better mom. I LOVE YOU TO THE MOON AND BACK!!!!!!!!


Thank you for raising me

By: Christian Cooper

Thank you for raising me mom. Everyday u go to work and to put food on the table for our family. You always support me and my brother with our sports and school no matter what sport we play. You’re always saving money so we can go places and do other things like go see family and go out of state for sports.Thank you for being my mom.


Thank you mom for everything

By: Mia Hammonds

Thank you mom for always being there when I need you and helping me through my problems. I will always appreciate everything you do for me on a daily basis, and will always love you. I know you’ve had to put up with my and my brother a lot but I really appreciate everything you do and thank you for supporting me with everything I try. You’re by far the best mom and supporter out there and the hardest working woman I know and I’m glad to have you as my mother.


Thank you for always loving and encouraging me

By: Madison Gastol

Whether I’m shooting hoops on the basketball court or blocking goals on the soccer field, my mom is always there to cheer me on. She’s helped me on and off the field/court/pool for as long as I can remember. She’s always there to help me with my homework or comfort me when I’m sad. She’s always encouraging me to do my best and she supports me even if I messed up.She’s taught me to never give up and to always love others. She’s taught that no matter how hard I fall I can always get back up. She’s taught me that sometimes we just need to laugh. She’s taught me that forgiving others is the best way to live. And most importantly, she’s taught that in order to live at all we must love. Thank you, mom for always loving and encouraging me.


Thank you mom, for always being there for me 

By: Jazzmine Govea 

My mom showed and gave me all of her love and affection. Yes we have ups and downs but we always managed to get through them. My mom has always supported me through everything I’ve done from when I was little to now. My mom when I was growing up was a stay at home mom, but as soon as we started getting older she has always tried working hard to help my dad out, she comes home tired everyday but always has the house running by cooking and cleaning every single minute she has to spare. My mom always tries to find a way to make everyone laugh and I’m truly grateful for that. I love you mom.


Thank you mom for always being my #1 supporter

By: Alessandra Ramos

I have never met someone who is as hardworking as my mom. She is the most selfless person I know. My mom taught me how to be loving and to never settle. It doesn’t matter if I am losing or winning, she is always on the sidelines cheering me on. I hope that when I grow up I can become just like her. Even if I am having a bad day she somehow always finds a way to make me smile. Thank you mom for all you do. I love you so much. ♡ 


Thank you for all that you do

By Javon Toliver

My mom is the hardest working person that I know. She is always getting her work done, taking care of her airmen all the way out at Lackland AFB and taking care of my brother and I. While still having time to relax and spend time with us when she gets home at night. I have no idea how she does it as well as she does because it’s a lot and has been more tiresome than usual because of the whole coronavirus thing. I just want you to know that I love you mom and appreciate all that you do for us (your family) and the country!!!


I love you mom

By: Alina Hernandez

My mom works so hard to stay connected with the family and do her job. I love her so much even though we have our fights we always make up for them. She is the best mom ever because of what she does for me and my brothers. Thank you for all you do mom. I love you.


You’re the best mom!

By: Larkin Martinez

My mom is truly amazing. She has no fear in anything. She always has my back and is always there when I need it. She works a busy life even with one kid. She also makes time to help with school or do my art projects. She is an amazing troop leader for Girl Scouts and is the best mom I could ask for. Love you mom!


Thank you for loving me unconditionally!

By: Olivia Thuringer 

My mom is the most loving person I have ever known. She is always my person to laugh with, vent to, or my shoulder to cry on. We’ve had hard times for sure, but through it all she always puts me above herself. She has never failed to put a smile on my face or say just the right thing when I need it most. I love you to the moon and back Momma!


Thank you mom for always being there for me!

By: Shiya Freeman 

My mom is the most wonderful person I know in the whole world. She would always try to help me even if she was doing her own thing or if she didn’t have time to. What I think of my mom is a superhero always beside me when things have gone wrong for me or anyone else in the family. Sometimes when she’s mad when she gets home she would hide it for us to be happy!

I love you always and forever mom! 


Thank you mom for doing all the things you do!

By: Brooklyn Cantu-Thom

 My mom is one of the most motivating people I know. I don’t know what I’d do without her. We have had some ups and downs but we always make up. I can’t describe in words how much my mom has done for me and my siblings. I don’t understand how she dealt with us. My mom will always have a place in my heart. She is probably one of the people who make me smile most. No matter what day it is I will always love my mom. I love you and always will mom!

Thank you for teaching me how to love myself

By: Rashon Collins

I’ll never forget how often my mom reminds me that a part of being a black woman is going above and beyond just to get the credit you deserve. She is my number one supporter and shoulder to cry on when things don’t go the way they should. She constantly pushes me to my limits and inspires me to be great. Thank you for making me the person I am today. I love you, mom.


Thank you mom for being my role model 

By: Tatiana Nabozny

I am overly grateful to have my mom to look up to. My mom is probably the most genuine  hardworking woman I ever knew. She’s been through so much as a child and sacrificed her life by devoting to help her family at all cost. She tells me her stories of her working hard at a young age to send money to her family. Which she tries so hard to give my sister and I the life she never had as a child. She inspires me to become a strong woman just like her. I am so proud to have you as my mom, I love you.

Thank You Mom for supporting me through everything

By:Avery Bruno

I am so grateful to have my mom by my side as I learn and grow as a person. She has supported me through anything I want to try and she gives the best advice. She is such a smart loving mom and I couldn’t ask for anything better. She is my role model and my leader and I am so incredibly grateful for all the sacrifices she has made to make my life the best it can be. Whether I’m trying a new sport or hobby she has always stood by my side and encouraged me through it. I love her so much and I’m so proud to be her daughter.


Thank you for everything you do mom.

By:Abigail Martinez

I’m so glad to have a mom like mine. She’s teached me a lot of things in life that I need. She helps with a lot, like cooks food for the whole family, cleans the house and drives me places. She knows how to raise a kid and she does it super well. She is amazing for all she does for me and my older siblings. I wouldn’t trade her for anything in the world. She’s truly amazing as my mom. She’s also always there for me no matter what. She listens to everything whenever I need someone to talk to. I will forever love you mom.


Thank you for believing in me 

By: Alyson LoneBear

The way my mom boosts my mood when I’m feeling down, encourages me when I feel I can’t do it anymore, and gives me the best compliments and hugs a mother could give her daughter just shows how she is the best mom I could ever ask for. She allows me to be myself and express my emotion. She is so strong, so brave, so courageous, so beautiful. She gives me confidence to defy the standards. Her smile lights up a room, and she makes everyone around her laugh. My mom means the world to me and I wouldn’t trade her for anything! I love you mom, keep being you! 🙂


Thank you for helping me throughout life

By: Adayis Bryant

My mother has guided me through different points in my life, she has been doing this since I had been born. Whatever I do, she was proud of me. My mother would teach me how to get through when times are tough. She doesn’t ask me for much even though she has done everything for me. She has always attempted to make my childhood very great. She would always love me no matter what I would do. My mom has kept supporting me, even when she’s angry or sad. Sometimes I could do something very bad and my mother would always help me fix it and keep me safe. Thank you mother for doing whatever it takes to help me in life.