Personal view: Sports Injuries are so painful

Kimora Ironshield


Sports injuries at Dobie Jr High are starting to be pretty common during the school year and we’re only 1 month into school. I know, because I was injured playing volleyball.  

On the first day of volleyball practice we were doing drills and I was on my last pass to Sydney Reese. I wasn’t able to pass the ball to her because as soon as I was about to pass it, another ball came behind my feet and I tripped over that ball and rolled my ankle really badly.

When it happened, all the girls were being  really good teammates. Sydney took me to the nurse and I had to wait for my mom. When my mom came, she took me to the hospital and sadly they said it was sprained. I honestly can’t explain the pain I was in. It was so frustrating those whole two weeks that I was on crutches. I had to do things a specific way, leave class 5-10 minutes earlier than everyone else. It didn’t help that I didn’t have a locker because they hadn’t checked them out yet. Then when I got off crutches and was able to walk they were giving out lockers — I was so mad!

I am feeling much better now. Sometimes I get asked if my injury affected the way I played. No, it affected the way I felt for the safety for my teammates.  I honestly think it made me play better and I think the coaches agree with me because they’re letting me play front row again and they’re having me be setter which I’ve never done before.

Julian Cousins 7th grader, said his last injury was last week. “I almost had a concussion and had to go to the ER…it hurt so much!” he said.