COVID took the travel out of summer for some


Taylor Duncan

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Summer trips were affected by COVID-19 in many way. Some people canceled their trips. Others changed the destinations of  their summer fun — but one thing is for sure: summer was changed for all by COVID-19.

Some people decided that driving in a car instead of an airplane would be safer. “We would rather take our car because we know that our vehicle is clean,” said Jordann Neskora, 7th grader.

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As a result of the pandemic, quite a few people had to cancel pre-planned trips. Neskora and Kiersten Milburn, 8th grader, said that they were not able to go on trips because of crowds or other things. “We had to cancel a weekend trip to Horseshoe river because there were too many people there,” said Kiersten Milburn 8th grader.

However some people did go on summer trips even with the pandemic but were not able to do everything they wanted to do. “Me and my cousin were unable to go shopping because most of the stores were closed,” said Kendra Hinze, 7th grader.

At least the people who did go on trips got to see family or have a good time. “My favorite part of our trip was seeing my cousins,” said Hinze, 7th grader.

Quite a few people had to switch up what they were doing because they were not able to go on their trips. “Instead of going on our trip, we ended up going hiking a lot,” said Neskora. “Before COVID-19, we had plans to go to Disney, the Four Corners, the Grand Canyon, and Colorado,” said Neskora.

Many people were going on short trips but also some were going on longer trips. “We had to cancel a weekend trip to Horseshoe river,” said Milburn.