What are some of the popular trends of quarantine

Over the quarantine some students at our school tried something new and trendy. They’re here to show us how trying new trendy things could be fun and a great way to pass time when we’re stuck inside.

Owl diamond painting.                     By: Taylor Duncan

“I saw diamond paintings online and me and my family decided to try diamond painting,” said Taylor Duncan, 7th grader.  

 Diamond Painting has become a fast seller in the crafts world because of its unique yet fun “pick and stick” method which helps the person to create a wonderful piece of mosaic art. Diamond painting is fun, takes time, and can relieve stress. Another trend that also takes time is starting a small business.  

“I have been wanting to start a small business because I think it would be really cool to learn how to make money,” said Kendra Hinze, 7th grader.

Learning how to make money would be cool. Other ways to make money could be cooking food.

A picture of what Kendra would like to earn.                                                                  By: minyanville.com

“I saw some cool recipe that I wanted to try on TikTok,” said Rylee Spreeman, 7th grader. 

The federal government will impose a more comprehensive ban on Nov. 12 if TikTok fails to meet its demands. Isn’t it so surprising that TikTok didn’t get banned yet. If they would have had to make their decision early we might not have got to see a few other trends on TikTok.

“I saw a few other trends on TikTok,” said Hinze, 7th grader. 

TikTok is such a good platform for showing other people what you’re up to. TikTok could also be a place where you make friends.

“I would want to try some cool recipes with my best friend,” said Spreeman, 7th grader.

A cake Rylee would like to make. By: tasty.co

Close friends share about 1% of their DNA, making them as close as genetically fourth cousins. A best friend is so nice to have. Doing things is way more fun to do with a best friend.

“I would love to start a small business with my best friend because we have been best friends forever,” said Hinze, 7th grader.